[S-series] Hitoyoshi Ramen – Ramen in Our Neighbourhood!


Once again, we’ve come to another food post.

It was a weekend night, because we were sick and tired of our economic rice at the kopitiam in our estate, then that kopitiam didn’t have any other economic options that we can choose vegetable dishes from. So we decided to take the LRT to our nearby neighbourhood mall.

It was really random, we were thinking of going to Saizeriya for their value for money meals, considering its a restaurant. But as we walking into the mall, we saw an ad about a new ramen stall and the pictures on the ad were so tempting, we were both mesmerized by it. Talk about good marketing strategy. LOL.

Hence, we were caught in the ‘let’s try that new restaurant’ trap. Remember we were looking to eat more vegetables? That went right out the window.

Hitoyoshi Ramen

We have no idea what we were getting into, Hitoshi is new to us. We haven’t heard a single review and we haven’t google before we walk into the restaurant. It’s all random, like how we always were. There was a service staff who look and speak Japanese, so it led us to think that this might be a genuinely Japanese owned ramen joint and that would mean that we would probably be able to taste true blue Japanese ramen here!

We were given order slips and in keeping with popular ramen place like Ichiran in Japan, we get to customise our ramen!

And another awesome plus is free bean sprouts and corn! Speak of value for money, we actually get to have our vegetable intake for this meal.

The Food Comes

And here comes our orders:

I’m having Spicy Tonkotsu with all toppings and Claire is having the Chashu don.

Ohh yes look at the creamy tonkotsu broth.. paired with a thick slab of chashu, black fungus infused with the broth and that aji-tama (seasoned egg). I’m drooling as I am writing this.. That spicy chilli oil is the cement that held all the different ingredients together, balanced with springy noodles cooked to my specifications. Careful, staring at the picture for too long can cause a growling tummy, at least this is what I experienced.

Claire’s Chashu rice looks a little too dry to me, and we thought the mayonnaise whs unnecessary. The chashu looks soggy and fatty and unappetising, but its nothing short of surprising!

The chashu should be the same chashu in my ramen, just diced instead of sliced. The best part to this type of chashu is of course the fact that it melts in your mouth! I bet they must’ve boiled it in the pot of ramen broth for 10 days and nights. Ok maybe just 1 day would’ve done the job, I just love to exaggerate. Overall its a good mix but Claire got jelat very quickly because there was just too much chashu in a bowl. It is a good thing in my opinion, value for money! I think Claire just hated mayonnaise that’s why she feels jelat.


Overall, I think Hitoyoshi Ramen is a great find in a somewhat relatively boring residential neighbourhood… I’m sure many would agree with me, our SK new town is kinda boring; with many many HDB and not enough malls or neighbourhood center, it’s getting a little crowded here. The shops in the few malls were mostly repeated also, when compared to our newer neighbour, Punggol, with their larger mall and those waterway and coastal town projects, ours just look like a second rate town. But then I love it that way, lesser attention means quiet and peaceful. I like quiet and I love to be at peace.

So I’m glad we now have another good ramen option in our ‘backyard’. No way we’ll get hungry (just pay the price). In fact, we were both so stuffed we could hardly walk out of the shop!

Now it’s time for me to lose those fats. Ciao~

Simon Tey

Hitoyoshi Ramen (Seletar Mall)
#02-K6 Seletar Mall
Mon to Fri: 11:30am – 2:45pm, 5pm – 9:45pm
Sat, Sun, & PH: 11am – 9:45pm

P.S. Below are photos of the menu, lovingly snapped by Claire for your perusal.

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