16 to 22 April 2018 – BBQ at home!! Sweetlands Confectionery & Triplets by Bakery Cuisine!

This week was a really busy week as I need to prepare for the exit on Saturday. Thank god it’s over but I still have one more on Friday. But it’s the last already so YAY!

April 16th, Monday


Had sea coconut and papaya soup for lunch and if I’m not wrong, Daphne’s one was the pear and pork ribs soup?


The soup was good but a little oily.

It was a busy day and I just can’t wait to go home. And guess what the husband surprised me with? DONUT! hahaha.


and nuggets hehehe.

I wanted to buy nuggets from Old Chang Kee and the practical simon tey insisted on getting nuggets from Sheng Shiong. I chose the spicy nuggets and regretted my choice lol.


Had my usual caifan dinner because I need my veggies everyday.

Then I went out to exercise at around 10ish pm and decided to go with post rock today cos I was feeling a little low!

Today I also posted a video about the Eazy-Go Oatmeal Porridge that I’ve tried recently! The chicken mushroom was not too bad and you can get these from Sheng Shiong!



These songs are not good for running man. But I love listening to them because they are so full of emotions.

17th April, Tuesday 


Light lunch because I was looking forward to the pizza feast that afternoon. Yeah having meeting at Heart Centre today!


These emojis!! Lol I think the ‘good’ emoji is the cutest but I always go for the excellent one.

OMG actually I think I press wrong leh… why do I remember pressing the satisfactory one instead?? The emojis misleading la..

Yay pizza from Sarpinos!

I had 2 of these and some wedges.


Was surfing facebook and I saw the above post. I tagged Simon and he said we can go find Uncle Tan and then go church afterwards! Great idea!


That evening I was so tired and I went to get a red velvet cheesecake for myself! So damn nice, worth the calories man! IMG_8028

Quote of the day!

18th April, Wednesday

I was late again and I went to get breakfast from a bakery near Whampoa CC.


Ham bun! Not too bad, the bread is so soft! Honestly don’t remember what happened already so yeah lets go to Thursday LOL.

19th April, Thursday

Curry puff (from the same bakery) for breakfast and donuts from B!



We went to small market for lunch today! The Kwap chap is really nice. But the waiting time abit long so I didn’t have this but

ordered noodles from Yuan Zhi Wei instead!



Kway teow soup is definitely a healthier choice!


Walked pass this confectionery for don’t know how many times already but this is my first time getting bread from them.

Sweetlands Confectionery & Bakery Kim Keat Lane


I’m not a fan of red bean paste but the buns were so good!! Generous and the buns were so soft! Simon must be so happy!

Hwee Miang also came back with more snacks from Japan! Will probably go Japan around next year February but I can’t wait already!


For dinner Simon and I had Mos Burger again because I have cravings for mussels! Jocelyn said whenever she sees Mos Burger she thinks of me LOL! Mos Burger maybe you wanna start sponsoring me? Haha just kidding!


And by the way you can get soba salad from Starbucks already! But overpriced la I feel.


and I see messy buns everywhere! Breadtalk, four leaves, proofer etc. This started in Taiwan right?


I don’t know why this photo looks really cui LOL.


Cakes from Pine Garden! Their cakes are good! Spotted the reduced sugar ginger sweet potato cake and it was $5.10! Expensive and doesn’t it sound weird?


Such cute buns! Some event at Compass One again.

20th April, Friday


Yummy mushroom porridge for lunch! I can’t believe I’m only eating it now. This is so nice! From Whampoa market by the way.


And shop for snacks again since there are no shopping malls near our office. 🙁


A huge packet of skittles for $1!

I bought Bengawan Solo puffs for my meeting this evening. The tuna puffs are so nice!


Dinner was the chicken pie from the box.


Too lazy to heat it up so I just ate it cold.

21st April, Saturday

Got to work today but was looking forward to lunch from So Pho. However, due to unforeseen circumstances we had to give up our lunch and had..


waffle instead. LOL. Not too bad lah cheese waffle. Reminds me of Republic Polytechnic! I miss poly times leh..


Nar had cream cheese waffle and she said it was sweet.


Bought salad from Triplets by Bakery Cuisine for lunch/dinner.



I asked for the dressing to be packed separately and this was what happened. She just squeezed the sesame dressing into a bag and just fold it and put on top of my salad bowl. It’s not even sealed!! Seriously leh lol..


But thank god that I have a lovely husband who always find new things to do with me! He bought a grill and we had so much fun bbq-ing on Saturday! IMG_8139IMG_8140

We have pork belly with sukiyaki sauce! Shiok!

We went to exercise later that night followed by Sheng Shiong. IMG_8144Spotted new instant noodles! – Japanese Ramen.  IMG_8145

Maggie got new items again! Korean Spicy soy flavour, penang seafood curry etc.


and I saw this interesting chocolate croissant also.. sure sinful.  


We also bought the Myojo Spicy Lobster Hot Pot Ramen and ate it for supper.  IMG_8149

Maggie mee just tastes so good with eggs. Do you eat with yours too?

22nd April, SundayIMG_8152

Had Brunch downstairs and realised that the cook at the bachormee stall had changed to someone else. So I tried my luck and surprisingly the noodles taste not bad. So I guess now we got an additional option already.  IMG_8154

Then in the afternoon we had leftover muffins for teabreak and binge watch all the Marvel movies for the whole afternoon.  

As for dinner, we had mcdonalds and seaweed chicken! wahaha. Damn unhealthy.

Typing at 29th April: Feeling really unhealthy the past 2 weeks, so it’s time to eat clean! So sorry for the delay again. Can’t wait to share my camping trip with you guys! Stay tune!


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