whoopee! im sure this is a rather awkward question.
So how do you get rid of dandruffs? I guess most of the girls would rush to the nearby shopping mall instinctively to go in search for a good shampoo. Now lemme share my solution to this.

Few days before, i was aghast when i saw white tiny snowy flakes on my scalp and hair, i almost burst out crying! (im malnutrition, malnourished you name it) I didnt know how to handle this, the first thought that came into my mind was what shampoo to buy next? At the same time, i also google about ‘how to get rid of dandruffs’, there was some traditional methods that was so complicated that obviously it would take me ages to get the ingredients first instead of healing my poor scalp. Then i stumbled upon this website which list out a few techniques, and the most easiest one was using LEMONS! you just need to massage your scalp using lemon juice (freshly squeezed out)!

I tried it that particular night, using only 1small lemon, 🙂 and my dandruffs are all gone! now im a happy little girl 🙂 but remember to rinse your hair after that or proceed with your usual hair washing routine.