A food diary is always better than nothing, so here im gonna start my log again!

Breakfast: almond nutrisoy, peanut butter with almond flakes sandwich
Lunch: apple, 1/2cup mixed veggies, sardine sandwich
Nap and Dinner was: vegetables, eggs, fish.
snack: apple

Gonna walk to northpoint later, despite d rain, feel like settling in starbucks for a cuppa tea, how?

*going through the phase of independence now

met up with the gal just now for awhile at northpoint, as she’d just came back from work and i was just about to go there to purchase some stuffs. in the end i came back empty handed but at least cheque was dropped. 🙂 chill at my place for awhile, had her dinner, checked tigerairways and off she went home at 10+.

oops back again, im sorry hub for flaring up at you earlier, i was in a kind of sudden-strike-&-i-dunno-why kind of mood back then. 🙁 sorry millions.<3

wardrobe: i need some scarves, jumpers, jeans, dresses including maxis to fill me up!
dressing table: still waiting for the kate eye brow mascara leh!
me: ORH OKAYS! ;P soon soon 😀

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