Travel: 4D3N Hakone and Tokyo (summer) in Summary, it was my birthday! Travel vlogs included!

Hi all, I’m here to write about my Tokyo trip that we went in June 2017. Simon has done his part for the whole trip and today I’m here to share my thoughts on the trip! I did the video and I mentioned that we flew ANA, I want to apologise because we actually flew with Japan Airlines and I totally forgot all about that. So really sorry for the mistake. And I guess I really need to try ANA soon because I wasn’t very pleased with Japan Airlines.

The service was (okay la not bad) but they didn’t serve me food for my return flight which should be included. (holycrap I sound like a brat here lol) Our fares also happened to be on the higher side so I’m really quite frustrated. Nevermind this, I shall continue with my post.

It was a 4D3N trip. You must be thinking Claire must be crazy to go Japan for 4days only!!! I know I thought I was crazy too. But can we get over this already? It’s already 2018.

Today I will only give a summary of the trip and show you the remaining vlogs since Simon has already finished all the blog posts. 🙂

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and watch the videos here!

This is new! 

So here we go!

Day 1: 

We travelled to Hakone from Tokyo and stayed 2 nights in this traditional Japanese house.
I think I prefer to stay in a room where the doors can be locked. It was a really good experience but it makes me a little scared. The house is a little too big too and I kept thinking about scary things. lol.

BUT the location is good, very near convenience store and the bus stop. Abit far from the station though, we had to climb up and down a flight of steep stairs with our luggages.


On one of the nights, we found ants on the mats. But we managed to kill them la. haha.

Went to convenience store to get food and icecream after unpacking our stuffs. 4648

Bought this icecream from the store, this is my favourite icecream! They used to have this in Singapore!

After that, we went to Hakone Castle. It was June, supposed to be summer but the weather was about 19 degrees. Damn shiok and happy.


Very quiet here, unlike Osaka Castle. 62

Hydrangeas in full bloom. Pastel and vibrant flowers, they are so beautiful! 7176

and check out the sunset here. sigh..

For dinner we went to Odawara Fish Market Den! I absolutely love the miso soup! The miso soup got fishbones and clam one! It was so nice! The sashimi is super fresh as well. Looking at this makes me wonder if I should go back to Hakone again, I can try to spot Mt Fuji too. Higher chance to spot Mount Fuji during Spring, Autumn and Winter. 94

We went back to our Airbnb that night and Simon gave me my presents! He should have given me on the actual day but I was really happy to see this pair of earrings though. (one of the presents)!

I couldn’t wear them anymore by the way because I’m allergic to nickel so whenever I put them on, my ears just itch and burn like mad. 🙁 100

Recently I find pandora very cute and girly.

Day 2.

We went to Sengokuhara for the Japanese Pampas grass. But there was only a land of greens because it was summer. So.. wrong timing again. 113

stay here for awhile and we took a bus to our next location and decided to stop at Le Petite Prince museum. We didn’t go in because 1. we don’t want to pay for the entrance fees and 2. we were rushing. 124

Fast forward to Sounzan station where I spotted this super cute caravan cafe and I insisted to wait for the people to come out because I want to take photos inside. 143144

Opposite us we spotted this ‘da’ big mountain. 153

After the coffee break, we went on to take the ropeway! This is my first time taking and I was so excited. Word of advice though, don’t look down. It is really scary. 160

So hello Owakudani!!! I thought the black eggs were really cool hahaha, and so I told Simon I want to come here.

They provided us with mask and wet tissues so we can cover our nose and mouth from the smell. Very smelly by the way, and I guess toxic too? 172

and tada our black eggs! Actually they are just normal boiled eggs (not even onsen eggs) with black shell! It was also my first time eating boil eggs with salt. 174

We try to spot Mt Fuji from the Owakudani Valley but we saw nothing. 🙁

Next we went to Togendai via bus because the ropeway was under maintenance. Here we are for the sightseeing cruise! This is so fun! This was the day I truly felt like a tourist!


The view is priceless! 203

Then we stopped at Hakone Machi, walked the Ancient Cedar avenue and then to Moto Hakone to visit the Hakone Shrine!


This is the famous baby wishing tree! I don’t even dare to stand close to it.

Day 3. 

Train back To Tokyo, also feeling a little sad that it is Day 3 already. But I was really excited for my Cat Cafe (1st time) and Ichiran Ramen!


This is the Airbnb we stayed in Tokyo! I tried looking for the listing but I couldn’t find it. Let me try later and I shall update over here. 232

Woohoo Ichiran Ramen!! It is so good!! If you go Japan you must try this! We had this at Shinbashi. 234

And we also had Gindaco!

After this we went to Senso-ji. The last time we were there the giant lanterns were undergoing renovations, but this time we managed to take a photo! Refer to link here.


Before the trip I did some research and found out that there is a famous melon pan shop – Kagetsudo Honten here. I know Simon likes Melon Pan and so I added this to our itinerary. 😀

We ordered the plain melon pan and I was quite disappointed. Although it was buttery and crispy I felt that it was too sweet for my liking.

I think there was supposed to be good coffee somewhere but we ended up going to this Coffee ‘JinLong’ place. Simon ordered latte and they give him instant latte so you know la hor, I don’t even need to describe the taste. 243244

and I stopped somewhere for some iced cold drink after getting a bad divination stick from the temple. I am glad that there is an option for me to tie it somewhere so that the bad luck won’t follow me home. Anyway ever since I moved into our new house, my luck has been pretty good so I am really grateful for this. 247

Next to Shinjuku for shopping and of course Map Camera for his camera stuffs. I really like leica stuffs, but I don’t think I will know how to use. hahaha.


and guess where we went next? How can you not eat Yoshinoya?? It is a must eat in Japan! Hahaha. If you hate spring onions then I’m sorry Im a huge fan!

I think Simon wrote that we ate at somewhere else, that is supposed to be the next day. 261


And finally, cat cafe!! Hehehe. Once again, more photos to visit Simon’s post! I researched and Cat Cafe Calico has quite good reviews hence our visit! Today is also my birthday and I really wanted to play with some cats hehehe.


the cats whisperer!

IMG_0555IMG_0558IMG_0557IMG_0564IMG_0566IMG_0567After that we went back to our Airbnb and here’s my cheesecake from Starbucks. Simon actually sang for me, you can watch the video hahaha!


IMG_0568 (1)Day 4, our last day. 288

Gindaco again for our soul! This outlet is better than the one we ate the day before. I think this is the Harajuku outlet. 291

Oh I love this so much, I missed the ones at Ion Orchard. 🙁

Next we went to Kiddyland Harajuku Store to find Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori! Simon got me some cute things and I got him his favourite Kiiroitori! Hahahaha. 298

Then next to The Roastery by Nozy Coffee for good coffee!313

IMG_0592Super hipster man this place.

And then we went to Patagonia and he bought some stickers for our luggage. LOL! 317

And here we are at Meiji Jinggu! This place is so calm and peaceful. Damn zen. 322325

And I got something good this time! I really love this quote, I am very determined one. 339

Then finally toTonkatsu Hamakatsu at Shinjuku for dinner! 342

Generous serving and awesome food!

After our happy dinner we went to Blue Bottle Coffee for another cuppa. 348

The Queue is Crazy.

IMG_0579After this we just walk around aimlessly, took our luggage (thank god for lockers) and went to take a train to the airport. :/ 356Check out these cute kimono earrings. Cute but I won’t wear. haha so no point buying.

It was a wonderful summer, not so hot and the temperature was quite cooling. Not like the previous time where I went for a media trip and it was pretty hot haha. Japan is really fun and fascinating and I am returning in March again! We will not go again this year because honestly how many times I’ve been to Japan the past one year already? I have commitment issues I need a change.

And oh yah we also bought this castella cake from the airport. Soso only, I prefer singapore butter cake lol.

IMG_0628IMG_0634I recently just booked my november trip and I am really excited. I am so proud that I’m going with my own money! 😀

Also I know I haven’t been updating regularly. I’m pretty busy with campaigns, other important stuffs and my full time job lately. I’m not sure if I will be more busy after June, but I will do my best to keep you all updated.

If you want to know what I have been doing then just follow me on instagram at @claireaudreylim 🙂 I’m quite active on instagram stories, posting alot of nonsense and shit.

Anyway I shall stop here, and I’m glad I finally finished this post! And now I can’t wait for February 19th, my first time to Seoul and Skiing!!! 😀