Bali 4D3N: Dinner at Jimbaran Bay on the first night!

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Beautiful. Expensive dinner but beautiful.

It was our first time to Bali and we have no idea where to go and what to do. Our friend recommended us her driver during her bali trip and so we thought it would be a good idea to have a guide for our first time there.

The rate is about $50 per day from 9am to 6pm. You can tell him where you want to visit and he will plan the itinerary for you. He will also bring you to popular and beautiful places. I shouldn’t say he, because his name is Achmed. And if you want a driver or guide for your future bali trip, drop me an email I will give you his contact details. 🙂 Achmed is very nice, courteous, friendly and helpful. He speaks english too so you don’t need to worry about language barrier if that’s one of your concerns.

For the first 2 days, Achmed asked his friend to drive us around instead as he was driving around Jakarta. So we met up with his friend, David. When we arrived in Bali it was already close to evening, David had to drive us to our Airbnb first, read here to find out where I stay + review, before bringing us to Jimbaran Bay for dinner.

 photo DSC01467_zpsnslo8pzx.jpg

We went to Cafe Jukung Bali Seafood for dinner and spend about $100 SGD for 2. There were ala carte options but we ended up taking the package (set meal) instead.

 photo DSC01451_zpstd4odulv.jpg

 photo DSC01454_zpskyqs0uu6.jpg

The ala carte menu.

 photo DSC01455_zpsy6uwimu2.jpg

The package menu.

 photo DSC01447_zpsp9nbwamd.jpg


 photo DSC01449_zpsadx5yefh.jpg

Us again. They gave us another table after this photo, one with a better view. (maybe because our dinner is expensive)

 photo DSC01460_zpsjzxcuyfs.jpg

My view.

 photo DSC01456_zps2iluwza1.jpg

The beach.

 photo DSC01462_zpshsgfglyd.jpg

ordered Teh Botol too. My favourite drink there! I’m not sure if Singapore carry this? If you know do tell me ok! Thanks!

About maybe 15-20 minutes later, our food finally arrived! I guess grilling takes awhile yeah?

 photo IMG_1868_zpskzwkxddq.jpg

This ‘package’ includes prawns, clams, squid and fish. Doesn’t seem to me that this amounts to $100. But what to do we already ordered LOL.

Was lucky that the food were fresh and good otherwise we would have flip the table.

 photo IMG_1869_zps1xkwakg1.jpg

The chilli was so shiok!

 photo IMG_1870_zpswa7hh0xz.jpg

We didn’t particular enjoyed ourselves because there were this group of singers walking around, playing instruments and singing. I find that very noisy actually. I see that they keep targeting the angmohs LOL. Oh yea you have to pay to hear them play and sing. I’m not interested at all. We rejected them nicely by the way.

 photo DSC01467_zpsnslo8pzx.jpg

Overall it is a nice place to dine at. But we will just visit once I guess. After our dinner, David drove us to the nearest supermarket, Pepito Express so we could get our groceries.

 photo IMG_1871_zpsjmnub5yv.jpg

and then David tells us Bintang beer is Indonesia’s best beer. LOL! I think it was about 2 bucks per bottle?

 photo IMG_1875_zpsienn4flj.jpg

if I’m not wrong, Singapore carry Bintang also right??

After our grocery trip, it’s home sweet home and for your info, I’m heading to Melbourne tonight. So do follow me on instagram to check out my photos wahaha.

Till the next Bali trip post! 🙂
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