[S-series] My photography has become stagnant.


Its weird, I still like to take photos, beautiful stuffs that other people haven’t already taken if possible. You see, instagram is filled with nice photos taken by people all around the world now that its really hard to be original. Sure we can do our own editing to show how we see the scene, same scene which probably a thousand others already documented.

When I first start off on this hobby of mine, I envisioned it to be a medium to document my life with Claire, yes honest, with my wife. Because I’m not into selfies and i take random objects that seemingly has nothing to do with me. Since my wife has brought me all the happiness and grief into my otherwise boring, ‘hermit-like’ way of life, its like colours on a plain monotonously gray canvas. I feel these times are memorable and would want to immortalize it even though there are more times in the future.

Recently due to a change in our priorities, Claire and I haven’t gone out to explore and do photo-walks for many months now. And my poor camera only sees actions when doing those obligatory OOTD shoots and product shoots for social media.. These shoots were short and everything is staged according to requirements given. Its different because its something we’re tasked to do.

Even though it provides some practice for me and further develop my eye for beauty (honestly I don’t even wanna look at how I edit my photos in the past, horrible), its does not satisfy my thirst.

My thirst, is to rub on insect repellent and plunge into those greenery and find a haven within, the grass as the my carpet, trees as my walls, the sky as the ceiling and bugs as…my co-inhabitants… its a shared world after all.. Therefore, I need to give myself another good excuse, like perhaps to test out a new lenses… which often means I need to dig into my piggy bank.. SO I can go immerse myself into the greenery.


DSC07506 - Copy.jpg

Anyways, as Claire has already broadcast for me on her fb.. That loudmouth said I bought a new lens, contrary to what my beliefs were, I went for a big, fat autofocus lens this time round.. I got the ZEISS Batis 2/25, a really fat autofocus full frame lens for my a7 mkII, did I mention fat? I’m in need of high definition resolution you find in good modern lenses, technology = resolution unfortunately. Older lenses = good character = impaired resolution. I’m sick of my old lenses giving me so-so resolving power so I need to get a modern update, and being a fan-boy for Zeiss lenses.. I got one of their Batis-es. (probably not the last.)

DSC07464 - Copy.jpg

Anyways I got it for almost a month now but haven’t really have the time to go out and explore the wild yet, so I’ve spent the money and came back to square 1. This sucks. Hopefully I can put it to good use when we go for our year end trip. After which I would be writing up a review post for the said lens. I still love my older manual lenses deeply, but I can’t deny the convenience that the af lenses gives.

DSC07497 - Copy.jpg

In conclusion, I think the hectic lifestyle we now lead is detrimental to my not-so-artistic pursuit. Me and Claire agrees that we need a break from all these once in a while, we’ll have to go come out with a schedule now. cheers.