Japan trip Day 2 P1: Yokohama- Visited Blueberry farm and tried Nagashi Somen!!!

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Thank you ABC Cooking Studio for bringing me to Japan. 🙂 

Day 2 activities as follow:

Blueberry farm to pick blueberries.
Food agriculture experience in bamboo forest (tried Nagashi Somen)
Visit a ranch and eat icecream
Checked in Intercontinental Yokohama Grand and dinner on Houseboat!

I will touch on the blueberry farm and the bamboo forest in this post first. 🙂

 photo IMG_2330_zpsgir61g7b.jpg

A group photo before we enter the Blueberry farm!

 photo IMG_2694_zpsmiymqitf.jpg

very sweet and juicy blueberries!

 photo IMG_2336_zpsbtzpcy0q.jpg

we have about an hour to pick as many as we can haha.

 photo IMG_2413_zpssic8mvsy.jpg

Here’s me when my hair is shorter.

 photo IMG_2337_zpsm5vyap48.jpg

look at how beautiful the blueberries are!

 photo IMG_2372_zpsao6jptnq.jpg

After we are done with our blueberries we went back to the little cafe and enjoy the blueberries we picked, together with our blueberry muffin and blueberry tea!

 photo IMG_2377_zpsdds4otlt.jpg

We had blueberry smoothie too! It is so refreshing and sweet!

 photo IMG_2383_zpskg9bebqu.jpg

Some pizza snacks for us and even handmade blueberry icecream!

 photo IMG_2384_zps0mcx2ogt.jpg

Made with hokkaido fresh cream!

 photo IMG_2390_zpsh59fqpq5.jpg

You can still see the skin of the blueberries in the ice cream and for the record. This is really good!

 photo IMG_2392_zps9v5qzjeq.jpg

Some food photography here done by the photographer from ABC. 🙂

 photo IMG_2689_zpsysprhh3v.jpg

Next location bamboo forest where we are going to eat again!

 photo 1_zpscseebfr7.jpg

All the friendly and cute obasan. 😀

 photo 2_zpsw69amgjk.jpg

Welcome to Bamboo forest, let’s eat Nagashi Somen.

 photo IMG_2695_zpszmfxi46z.jpg

 photo IMG_2696_zpsgyeg02sn.jpg

 photo IMG_2415_zpsdnkdin64.jpg

Me in the forest, picture taken by Sydney.

 photo IMG_2397_zpsmoui1xlm.jpg

Tamago, onigiri and corn. I love japanese corn!

 photo 4_zps0abvntla.jpg

Check out all the somen here. Nagashi Somen actually means flowing noodles.

Noodles will flow down the bamboo half pipe and we have to pluck them out with our chopsticks, dip into the tsuyu and slurp the noodles down! I failed at the first 2 attempts and finally succeeded at the third! Cherry tomatoes came flowing down too!

 photo 5_zps9vplhvkt.jpg

This is my prize of the day. Super delicious somen in tsuyu sauce. I want it now. 🙁

 photo 6_zpsjsoaigle.jpg

 photo 7_zpsp8hzi04c.jpg

 photo 8_zpskboxywho.jpg

Pickled eggplants, condiments and tamago again!

 photo 9_zpso1rod15z.jpg

 photo 3_zps6nz2gyxr.jpg

 photo IMG_2398_zps3hr9ixc7.jpg

Food food food and finally fruits!

 photo 10_zpsv0fszqgn.jpg

 photo 11_zpsy2omxhje.jpg

 photo 12_zpsdbsouom6.jpg

Pumpkin for you? 😀

And when we are done eating, it’s time for art and craft.

 photo 13_zps3rysrdpc.jpg

Painting fruits and vegetables on a piece of card!

 photo 14_zpsjljozjbh.jpg

I randomly choose bell pepper and my teacher helped me to outline the vegetable and all I did was just adding the colours. lol!

 photo 15_zpsuromzewz.jpg

 photo 16_zpshse9imgq.jpg

 photo IMG_2409_zpsdsyaj8bh.jpg

Here is me adding the colours. hahaha.

 photo 17_zpsselm47ij.jpg

 photo 19_zpsl5hsxn5e.jpg

Don’t ask me why my bell pepper look like that. I can’t answer you too. lol

 photo IMG_2697_zpsvfafvbpo.jpg

After playing around a little more, we have a group photo. 😀

 photo 20_zpsrjmmbupf.jpg

Just before we went off, we also tried some of the japanese pickled cucumbers.

 photo IMG_2698_zpssuyno0ne.jpg

It is very fresh and crunchy!

And here, Look at the lovely obasans! Saying good byes to us! They are so happy and nice!!! Miss them loads. ^^

 photo IMG_2700_zps7szypvj6.jpg

Definitely enjoyed myself and I really missed the Somen at the bamboo forest. Hope I will be able to go there again! I know there is somen in kyoto too, Simon maybe we should go Kyoto next. hahaha!

Anyway, in the next post I will show the hotel, the room, random things and our dinner on  the houseboat. =D

Till then,
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