Breadtalk Sakura Anpan review + himalayan pink salt roll & golden lava

Ever since the launch of the salted egg yolk croissant from Breadtalk, I have been stalking them for new products. And am very excited to know that they are having these limited edition Sakura Anpan and Sakura Snow cheese for the sakura season! By the way you can click here for my salted eggyolk croissant review if you haven’t read before. 🙂 

I haven’t tried the sakura snow cheese yet! but it’s so beautiful, how can anyone bear to eat it?? Anyway I might go to toa payoh to get the snow cheese, since it’s along the way home. 😀

Even though I didn’t try the cake, I did try the Sakura Anpan! Did I mention before that both Simon and I are huge fans of red beans? We are going to try to make matcha pancakes with adzuki beans, LOL! If we really did that, I will sure blog about it.

That will be until then, and now it’s time for me to share the taste of the anpan!

 photo IMG_8950_zpsden0dn1r.jpg

Limited edition Sakura Anpan – succulent red beans blended with hints of savoury sakura – simply oiishi!

 photo IMG_8951_zpsz0dawxvz.jpg

The pretty surface that resembled sakura petals. Just for your information they taste like sakura too! Albeit just a tiny bit. :p

The adzuki beans inside the bun was just nice, wasn’t too sweet.. It balanced with the sugar and perfectly toasted glazed bun, we just can’t stop taking bites at it like a predator.

There’s actually a savoury twist to the otherwise sweet tasting and looking bun, all thanks to the pickled sakura petals in the centre! This is when you finally taste what breadtalk is trying to bring you, the real sakura feel.

A pity this is a limited edition, not too sure if they will bring it back next year or the following following years.

 photo IMG_8954_zpsphvlvu54.jpg

Redbean porn.

 photo IMG_8955_zpshn4udtrd.jpg
Other than the sakura anpan, I was also on a lookout for new products so we spotted this plain but interesting roll which is called the Himalayan Pink Salt Roll. I’m just disappointed why it’s not in pink colour. well I tend to have very high expectations. 

 photo IMG_8953_zps3dkvu6cq.jpg

 photo IMG_8956_zpsub5peusn.jpg

can you see the salt? And one more thing.. Don’t look at it and think what’s so special about this. It’s just a plain roll. But guys you’re wrong, I personally really love this bread!

 photo IMG_8957_zpsb7nj77tk.jpg

How do I put it. It’s shaped like a croissant but not really one. But it actually has the consistency of a croissant and I love that it’s salty! Who needs sugar rush when all I need is salt to make me high?

Instead of the usual buttery and crispy exterior, this salty croissant has a thin crust that doesn’t crumble and the insides were CHEWY fluffy goodness! Plain looking, but honestly I’ll love to have another one.. like… now.. too… The glutton in me is starving. LOL.

 photo IMG_8958_zpsoesgduvc.jpg

and the last one, which is the Golden Lava. I tried this before the salted egg yolk and now when I think about it. I actually preferred this than the egg yolk croissant! It’s satisfying but not sinful. lol you know what I mean? But the salted egg yolk makes me feel quite sinful. HAHA.

 photo IMG_8952_zpsglnxjzkc.jpg

sorry no actual pic of me eating because I didn’t buy this on the same day. 

So that’s it for this post and I will probably blog about every new bread that breadtalk launches now. This is actually fun for content and for my stomach. 😀

Anyway IMO.. since bread are quite affordable and you can see breadtalk almost everywhere, just try every bread that they launches! I think trying new things especially food helps to destress mmm..

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Unless you have my tongue, dont get influenced by my opinions. :) its better that you try it out on your own. I swear this is not a sponsored post. LOL. 

*Btw the Sakura Snow Cheese is available only at selected outlets: BreadTalk IHQ, Bugis Junction, Causeway Point, Paragon, Toa Payoh and VivoCity.