The fun & dangerous Frixion Pens that I’m currently using

Sorry gotta be honest, sometimes I just get bored blogging about beauty products. And when this happens I will blog about my life, food, random things, and now.. pens.

Simon and me sort of collect pens. We spent alot of time in popular, NBC and any other stationery stores. We like to buy pens, irregardless if they are roller ball, ball point, fountain or whatever, as long as we think it’s nice to write we will buy. We also spent alot of time in supermarket because we snack alot during the weekends. :O

By the way recently we bought alot of snacks from Marks and Spencer, I’m thinking to do a review of the snacks! Fun I love snacks!

So if you’re reading the above, then you would know that today I’m going to talk about pens. Not normal pens but my latest favourite/dangerous/fun pens! And maybe a mini review as well.

Before this, I was using the pens from Muji. I actually quite like their pens, it’s about $1.90 or $2.90? each. The grip was okay and the writing feel is alright too.

But now I changed to Pilot FriXion because as per below:

 photo IMG_8257_zpsbjo7byrq.jpg

They are erasable! 

 photo IMG_8258_zpsapw6n1h2.jpg

I like erasable ink because this saves me the trouble of getting a correction tape. Actually I don’t use correction tape.. I just strike out all my errors and my notes always looked super untidy.

With this I can just erase what I write wrong then rewrite again! 😀 And it’s also different from a real eraser where you can finish using it.

 photo IMG_8262_zpstwapunap.jpg

This is not the only reason why I liked them though. Other than the unique feature, these pens write rather smoothly, the ink flow is quite good too. But I realised that the ink runs out pretty quickly. :/

 photo IMG_8260_zpsytt9ybkv.jpg

The rubber part that is meant for erasing (due to friction) is also abit different for the 0.38 and 0.7 one. I got each of both because I wanted to try my favourite 0.7 and a slimmer one.  photo IMG_8261_zpslwkoluor.jpg

Writing wise I preferred the 0.7 but I liked the rubber part of the 0.38.

 photo IMG_8264_zpsmbt5x8bu.jpg

Important thing to note is not to use this on legal or official documents/examinations. Don’t use this pen to write on a cheque! Also, when temperature reaches 60 degree C, the ink becomes colourless. So don’t think that your pen runs out of ink ah.

 photo IMG_8259_zpsziiixcsa.jpg

They also have highlighters and also frixion stamps for our cute midori schedule notebook. =D Simon got a few of these and he is very excited about them. lol.

 photo IMG_8477_zps5nzpirqw.jpg

I love frixion! Why am I so slow to this game. lol.

I would recommend these stuffs for personal usage and on non important documents.

Anyway you can find the pens/highlighters at popular bookstores (maybe selected), we bought ours from northpoint. and the stamps at NBC stationery stores. 😀

For more info you can visit here ->

Till next then!
Claire 🙂