Descendants of the Sun Korean Drama progress/spoilers!

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Descendants of the Sun is a 2016 South Korean television series tarring Song Joong-ki, Song Hye-kyo, Kim Ji-won and Jin Goo.

Song Joong-Ki acts as Captain Yoo Si-Jin after serving his 2years military service. No wonder his body changed.
Song Hye-kyo acts as Doctor Kang Mo-Yeon
Kim Ji-won acts as First Lieutenant Yoon Myung-joo (she acted in the heirs before and I wasn’t a fan of her but I kinda like her now) 
Jin Goo acts as Sergeant Major Seo Dae-young

This drama reminds me of the band of brothers mini drama series and Grey’s anatomy drama series. (both american) because there’s a combination of surgery and the army life.

Yes I like war movies and yes I watched Grey’s anatomy too.. but only until Season 4 because I can’t find the remaining seasons online and I just don’t feel like spending the money on amazon to get the dvds. :/ Anyway side track abit, how can derek shepherd die!!! It’s ridiculous!

So yesterday I finally started on the Descendants of the Sun because I was bored at home. lol. And I chiong 4 episodes at one go. From here on there will be spoilers so read at your own risk.

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Basically Captain Joo and Doctor Kang met and fell in love, he stood her up twice because the first is to go to Afghanistan as two employees of UN got captured, the second time is because he got a callback. Obviously she was disappointed and she wanted an explanation, but he couldn’t reveal his actual duties. And after that they find out that their differences is that one needs to kill to protect and the other one fight to save lives.. hence they got separated.

They meet again 8months later in URK. (shouldn’t tell you the details, you should watch yourself) There is an exciting part where the Afghanistan president will be operated by Dr Kang, so you have to watch it. I was so scared that he will die.

Then in the drama, there are also 2 important characters that I realized that nobody talks about!! Their love story also quite sad leh. The first lieutenant and the Sergeant Major was dating but the commander of the Special forces was against it. Why? because he is the father of the lieutenant.  He wanted Myung-Joo to have a better future and his eyes is set on Captain Yoo. So now you see a love triangle.. or maybe love square.

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I cannot tahan Seo Dae-young because he just listened to whatever the commander says. I think he should fight for her. And maybe this will happened in the later part of the drama. There was this part where Myung-Joo asked to get transferred to Urk to be with him. But the commander asked him to be transferred back to Korea. Omg it’s damn frustrating. But that moment when they met each other, he finally hugged her! But walked away after that and asked her to take care of herself. Seriously you shouldn’t hug her if you want her to give up on you!

Okay chilll.. now I’m going to continue the remaining of the drama, I guessed there will be more surgeries more battles and more struggles in their love story. f you haven’t start watching you should start now!! The above is from episode 1-4. By the way I watched on dramacool, just can’t download on dramafever.

Till the next update!
(pssst, captain and dr shared their first kiss on the ending of the 4th episode)