[Travel] Taiwan – Keelung Mountain (基隆山) & Jiufen old street (九份老街) Part 2/3

Sorry for my super late post!
BUT I already started my late part one so I guess I have to continue still.

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And I’m so slow because even Simon’s post is faster than mine. omg..

You can click part 1 and Part 2 for the husband’s posts and here for my part 1.

So here you go..

The next day we went to keelung mountain to hike again. Do you know how tired I am? Someone who has problems conquering 2.4km actually have to hike 2days continuously under that insane hot sun!!

But because of my ego and stubbornness, I push myself up and up until I thought I might die there. (Exaggerating, as always)

 photo keelung1_zpshxd7xbwp.jpg

Even this board is burning. We had our breakfast in our minsu. (click here to see where I stay), and went out for FRUITS at Jiufen 7-11. hahaha. We are sooooo healthy!

 photo keelung2_zps0wdkjlwn.jpg

 photo keelung3_zpsvzd4rg9v.jpg

He is trying every ways he can to take a good picture. lol.

 photo keelung4_zps0gjwyazx.jpg

 photo keelung5_zpsmnhnzywb.jpg

The stairs. ALOT of stairs.. Remember this was just the next day after my climb to teapot mountain? This day was even more hell for me.

 photo keelung6_zps6bzfqk4o.jpg

The beautiful japan silver grass which I kept taking..

 photo keelung7_zpscbo3ijlp.jpg


 photo keelung8_zpsvv0yeemb.jpg

and taking. :p

We finally reached the top of the mountain, time to rest and eat our onigiri!

 photo keelung9_zpspbcyiu9x.jpg

 photo keelung10_zps5ybqphmd.jpg

 photo keelung11_zpsvbcabwea.jpg

Bought these from Jiufen 7-11, quite good leh surprisingly.. Kinda make me miss the food from japan’s convenient stores too. :'(

More pictures..

 photo keelung12_zpsudnb6iuc.jpg

 photo keelung12.5_zps0ivj1f7q.jpg

 photo keelung13_zps2kzxiine.jpg

 photo keelung14_zpspaz6sk97.jpg

 photo keelung15_zpsadyh8ddy.jpg

Look at those benches! If only the weather was at 20+ degree then it would be so much enjoyable to sit there. But sadly the temperature was at 30 degree. -_-


 photo keelung17_zpskbmaexwg.jpg

 photo keelung18_zpsm22kg2z0.jpg

I’m quite scared of the height, imagine if I fall down from here. We also heard some hiss hiss sound over there for your info, it could be a snake, I’m not kidding.

If you ask me which mountain is easier to hike, I think I still don’t have the answer. Teapot is shag and Keelung stairs are overwhelming. The best part is of course climbing down the frigging stairs and slowly crawl back to Jiufen. My legs were aching like mad and I was so happy to see Jiufen old street again.

After burning calories, it’s time to eat!!!

Chinese Tea Leaf Eggs (Cha Ye Dan 茶叶蛋) 

 photo keelung19_zpsmex4ealw.jpg

Time to yum cha! Not dimsum but tea and snacks! We were looking for the spirited away inspired teahouse and walked in to Ah Mei Tea House 阿妹茶楼. 

This is where you enjoy tea and chinese snacks like the locals. I recommend the green bean cake because it is so so good! By the way I didn’t tell you that people thought I was korean over there. OMG EXCITED hahaha! Tips to look like korean? very white face, very red lips, and very straight eyebrows. LOL.

 photo keelung20_zpsmlvgjfpk.jpg

 photo keelung 21.1_zpswit6k2ej.jpg

 photo keelung21_zpsuhgbfzyf.jpg

The green bean cake is damn nice.

 photo keelung 21.2_zpsfqr28fhw.jpg

The male staff there taught us the correct way to make tea, and it was quite interesting to see. I would like to try though BUT I was worried that I might scald myself so Simon did all the work! =D

 photo keelung22_zpszkxlchuk.jpg

 photo keelung23_zpskkqq1jiz.jpg

Altogether we drank about 30 cups of tea. That’s very crazy and end up I had diarrhoea the next day.

 photo keelung24_zpsa8bugofj.jpg

Now is not too bad, but it’s alot more crowded in the night and the sky turns dark around 6pm.

 photo keelung25_zpsawyyuuop.jpg

very cute ocarina (陶笛). 

 photo keelung26_zpsj654j4iy.jpg

Another teahouse which we didn’t visit.

Then it’s more pictures again!

 photo keelung27_zpsnoxirrgo.jpg

 photo keelung28_zpscnicxcrw.jpg

 photo keelung29_zpsc4zafssd.jpg

 photo keelung30_zpsamzvkrpr.jpg

Another snack you should eat when in Jiufen is this peanut icecream! The stall is called: (阿珠雪在燒) A-Zhu peanut icecream? 

I have no idea who is he staring at.. LOL.

 photo keelung30.5_zpsbuix6gxx.jpg

 photo keelung30.7_zpsdeovjox7.jpg

Looks exactly like popiah but it is a combination of grated peanuts and icecream which the icecream taste alot like mochi.

We also had this yam puff pastry from Misty which taste SUPER UBER GOOD but I don’t have a pic of it. 🙁

And it’s what time again? Coffee time. Simon and Claire are always on a lookout for coffee, no doubt about it.

 photo keelung31_zpsqsmppr1g.jpg

Spotted this european style cafe and thought we should give it a visit. 😀

 photo keelung32_zpsm5usduhn.jpg

I had Hazelnut latte and I think he has normal latte. It’s not very very good but still manage to curb our cravings. The cookie were very good though! I also like that their tissue papers are folded in cute little tshirt shape. HOW CUTE!!

 photo keelung33_zpskuy5bpcg.jpg

After that we continue to look for food, decided to eat taiwan sausage again from this cute auntie who has super big and cute hair!

 photo keelung34_zpssjppnaql.jpg

Apparently she is quite popular. I think any auntie who wears like that would be popular too? lol! Should I blog with a wig next time?

 photo keelung34.5_zps1z63auo5.jpg

After the sausages, it’s finally the time for some proper meal!

 photo keelung35_zpstjk3meii.jpg

We stopped at JiuFen Lao Mian Dian because I have cravings for beef noodles!

 photo keelung35.5_zpssly0utsc.jpg

Then we ordered beef noodles and wanton noodles, both are so yummy! The beef soup broth is so so good.

 photo keelung36_zpsv1ihlslw.jpg

Next, it’s shopping time. To burn off calories too. We walked alot, actually we walked alot everyday.

 photo keelung37_zps2ae7d8af.jpg

 photo keelung38_zpsrojj8tu8.jpg

Very old school shop that sells old school snacks and interesting stuffs.

 photo keelung39_zpstrw23a4z.jpg

last but not least, we came to this shop that sells alot of cats figurines (mostly fortune cats btw) and met this super cute cat. ^^ I think there is another one somewhere. lol.

After this we went back to our minsu, pack our stuffs to get ready for the next day as we are returning back to taipei city. You know what this means? It means I’m going to stop here and continue the rest in the next post. 😛

Our main motive for this trip is to hike so we spent 2nights in jiufen, I can’t wait to go back to taiwan again to explore other areas. And as for now, I shall stop here and start planning for the next trip. :p Anyway hope this post gives you an idea as to where to go for food in jiufen!

Thank you for reading!