The Queen 复仇女王 drama is exciting!

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I’m quite excited with this drama, I watched the first episode and I’m kinda hook to it.
Some parts are really LAME, like one part where it reminded me of THE SAW movie and then they move on to their individual special abilities. LOL which is quite funny.

And everytime I looked at vivian lai, I just feel like laughing, it’s hard to see her being serious la.. she’s like a comedy queen leh. But all the leads in this drama are so pretty especially Jesseca liu!

I envy how they don’t seem to age at all.. well except for Jayley of course since she is still so young.

I’m quite excited to see the background of the revenge queen group and also their individual stories. Seem like it’s an interesting drama!

I love drama mama series! Are you watching also? I bet Simon is going to kill me, because more time for tv less time for hubby! (just jk!)

Update 22nd Feb: Today’s episode features tongtong where she took 6months to slim down in order to be able to revenge on the ex husband. This sort of reminds me of the time when I was trying very hard to slim down. LOL!

And the ending was that she tried to seduce one asshole but end up getting drunk. Jayley came to her rescue and both of them tried to run away. But still get caught in the end as the girls in the show are weaker than the men.

Today is the first appearance of Xu Bin and seems like he’s going to act as a player in the show. Let’s see how it goes. I think tomorrow the boss (jesseca liu) will come to their rescue and will move on to tongtong finally seducing the ex in the gym.

Looks like it will be interesting tomorrow. :’) can’t wait!

Update 24th Feb: An Qi committed suicide, I think the revenge game went overboard eh. Got a feeling that Zijian asked someone to kill her instead! Doesnt it look like that? And tongtong shouldn’t reveal that she is shuangshuang OMG!!! Aiyo this show is getting exciting yet frustrating at the same time. Also! Sheila Sim is very different from her crazy self in this show, I can’t wait to know her story in details!

Update 3rd Mar: Sorry I haven update for so long. LOL. Anyway I didn’t watch yesterday’s episode. I keep thinking about the appearance of Michelle Chia, and turns out she is Hong Yan!!! And isn’t it weird that she’s xubin ex girlfriend? Even when they kissed it looks weird too. Haven’t see Michelle for a very long time and seems like she changed abit as well. I thought Jesseca’s husband will find out that she’s from revenge queen as the ending shows that he caught her checking his stuffs, but tomorrow’s episode seems normal leh. Good also, if too early find out then no more show to watch already.

I’m quite sure that the guy who fights with jesseca liu is vivian lai’s shi xiong. now instead of guessing.. let’s wait for tomorrow!

Update 11th March: Omg man. I had been so busy. So anyway Zeng Jing has passed away. I missed this episode. 🙁 Then Jesseca is pregnant, and I really hate that the husband still don’t know she’s the revenge queen boss. Now Monday’s episode he is running after her. hais. Then Jayley’s boyfriend, I have a strong feeling that he was the one who rape her last time! Omg this show really quite twisted…

Update 15th March: Spot on! the boyfriend really is the rapist. wth… and I’m very scared that hong yan will kill guan xin’s husband!!! PLEASE DONT KILL him!!! he is a good guy/husband/cop leh! And omg seriously minghui so fast die!??!?! I still want to see him and kaien together leh??

Update 16th March: Michelle chia asked jesseca liu to kill all the members and jesseca has this secret code thing that preempt them that they will have to fake death and prepare blood bags. ok this part quite lame.

Then the fighting scene also abit lame. But I must say the emo part when the husband have to catch guan xin is really emo.. cos i teared. but why go to jail must cut bangs?

Btw Today is the last episode and it’s also time for me to track the next drama. Anyway I think I quite liked the revenge queen even though it’s super lame. The emo parts are quite good though. I shall rate this drama a 6.5/10. My favourite to date is still zhi zai si fang.

So let’s look forward to tomorrow for new drama!! yay!

Claire 🙂
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