Rebecca lim’s publicity stunt gone wrong

I actually really thought that Rebecca Lim is going to retire and felt happy for her because she can retire at such a young age. 

I think the earliest age I can retire is in my 60s lor. 

So anyway it turns out that she was advertising for NTUC income, and it suddenly snowballed into a huge drama. People start cursing her and her fans obviously come to her defence. 

She also apologized for causing this misunderstanding and I guess she feels bad for it as well. 

BUT what Im puzzled with is how did this drama even happened? 

She did something wrong, she admit her mistakes, she apologized. Im sure humans all make mistakes, whats most important is that she admit it, no? 

People should just move on from this drama and create a better world. Its a very small issue, advertising is like that. Sometimes the wrong method is used to create awareness.

Looking at rebecca lim, she always seems like a very matured and sensible woman, I dont think she would do this if she know that the consequences would be so bad. 

So people, lets forgive and forget. There are other matters in the world that more important than this. 

Just sharing. Cheers,