Mcdonald’s Nanoblock available for sale from 22nd Feb!

I’ve bought the collector’s kit. Click here for FULL REVIEW! 😀

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I am so going to get it!! My love for lego and nanoblock are still there somewhere and when I first hear this news from Daphy! Im like OMG i need it!!

But why ah macdonald? Why make it available in singapore only NOW? HongKong china and malaysia already release them lo. :/

Unfortunately I heard that the nanoblocks cant be disassembled, this is quite sad because wheres the fun if you cant assemble them again?

Today 100sets of the nanoblocks were cleared in a short period of time, now Im more worried about the queue on 22nd February. Mmm.

I guess Im going to get the set (with the exclusive mcdonald restaurant model but without the mccafe cup) which is at 29bucks, if you get it individually its 4bucks each. (To buy individual it is only available from 29th!) Although slightly cheaper I feel that theres a high chance I might miss out one or two.

Hence I am going to go Macdonalds early in the morning on Monday!!!! (Update: its only avail after 11am!)

Come to think of it, I still got my other lego set and nanoblock lying somewhere shouting at me to caress them. :p

Wish me luck people and i wish you luck too! Hope we managed to get the nanoblocks! 🙂 🙂 I will definitely post them here if I got them!

To know the dates of the individual items pls refer to

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