[Simonseries] Almost died in a Taxi

I recently rode a taxi with my friend to meet another friend. Yah. Well we were going to Serangoon Gardens for dinner and for convenience sake, decided to take a cab there. We saw the cab coming so we ran alittle to the taxi stand flagging it down. Innocently thinking the cab would bring us to our destination rapidly and safely…

First sign: The cab drives along the road very very very slowly, its as if he has no regards to the lanes and whatever traffic safety we should be following. We stand at the taxi stand, but it seems like he just stopped there in the middle of the road not willing to drive into the taxu stand deiveway. We thought that was rather strange.. But we still board it nonetheless…

The driver was an elderly man who seems a little too old to be driving long hours. He told us he didn’t wanna drive in because there was a divider pole (those in black and yellow stripes. Black and yellow black yellow black and yellow black and yellow) in the way so he don’t wanna drive in and get his car scratched. Ok lah seeing that he’s so old liao so I just have a random chit chat with him loh. I always remind myself to give our elders the respect that they deserves, unless they don’t deserve it. So..

Second sign: He started complaining about a couple of passengers before who scolded him about his driving… “they say when i drive i keep accelerate and brake accelerate and brake they want to vomit already ah! @#$&* I drove a cab for so many years already, since when did I do that kind of thing??” Erm… uncle, actually you are doing that right now uncle…. Me and friend almost laughed, he is doing just that loh, and he will go on doing that till we alight….

Third sign: As he keeps on complaining/whining/nagging, he drives at 30km/h as mentioned by my friend, but if he drives at that speed consistently its still alright leh, he keeps speeding up and slowing down, there are times he just floor the gas and go all out, then suddenly brake till almost stopping. Its amazing people driving behind us didn’t just rear end us throughout the journey, i am trying to keep calm and talking to him normally trying not to agitate him, how the hell did he pass his medical tests for driving?? My dad is 68 years old but I’m sure he still drives his truck properly when at work. People over 60+ have to take medical tests to certify them fit for driving, I’m quite sure this old man is endangering himself and people around him while drivinf loh.

He couldn’t even keep to his own lane you know? When we are at Serangoon gardens, we drove through single lane roads, he was doing the same speeding up and braking stun and driving along the dead centre of the road nonchalantly!!! Everytime i see an incoming car in the opposite traffic i braced myself, luckily they all managed to dodge this cab… they passed my side (I was sitting behind the driver) with only inches to spare! No surprises if one of them ram into the cab head on…

We managed to reach our destination in one piece. It was just a short 10mins drive from Hougang to Serangoon Gardens, but it took us 30mins this time. The driver still can say he won’t anyhow let us alight anywhere because he cares for our safety…. Such irony.

I’m just glad to be alive now. I sincerely wish the uncle good luck (take a break and retire liao lah) and his passengers also.