[Simonseries] Living with Claire: Our Virgin trip to USS! Part 1

You can check out Part 2 over here. πŸ™‚


I decided to exclude the “ep#” in all my series, too much effort trying to check and double check that I didn’t use the previous number by mistake.

Anyways, we finally went to Universal Studios Singapore! When it first came up in 2010, I told Claire that I need to take her there one day. But that day never came till recently. We never went because either I say the entrance fees are too expensive or she say its too expensive lets save money. Lol. We’re not the adventurous type so we weren’t sure if we would enjoy the rides. I remember the time we went Hong Kong Disneyland we only rode the slow moving car ride and some children’s rides hahahaha. Ok lah partly due to the long queues and those damn ah tiongs cutting our queues like we’re invisible.

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So Claire was plenty excited and seeing this girl behaving like a little kid going for an excursion made me excited for the trip too. You can see her vlog of this trip hereΒ or below.

We arrived at Vivocity and knowing the food over there will be unfairly priced, we bought bread from erm.. Breadtalk, and some coffee because I cant live without coffee. Now we’re all set for the fun that awaits us! Once we arrived, we of course go take a couple of pictures of the huge revolving ‘Universal Studios’ globe. Then we went in!

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The first place you would see is Hollywood, this area is filled with a nice vibe with buildings in designs you won’t find in Singapore, but then, other than all those pretty shops and snack carts, there’s nothing much here. I think there will be some street shows but we didn’t encounter them.

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After this we will reach a T junction around the man-made lake. We took the right turn and reach New York. I keep telling her: “nah, I brought you to New York liao, you wanted to come here right?” Or something like that LOL. Because she keeps whining about how much she wanted to visit New York in the USA.. We were just walking and suddenly characters from Sesame Street just pop out from I dunno where and swarm of people rush to them to take a photo. Nowadays with camera hand phones this common, every time something out of the ordinary happens, first thing you will see is people digging out their hand phones and start snapping…

I asked her: “Do you wanna take a photo with Elmo?” (A horde of people are currently surrounding Elmo)

She said: “Nahh, actually I prefer Grover (seems un-popular).”

And she ran off to Grover lol! There’s an unofficial queue and a crew member is stationed beside him to help take your photo. But NO ONE SHALL TOUCH MY CAMERA! actually its because I’m using a lens that doesn’t auto focus so its better I do it myself lol.

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We went to the Pasta in Peril Sesame Street ride, its just a cute kids ride with lots of mild effects to surprise kids. I suppose we became kids too because we were laughing like kids in the ride. Check out Claire’s video if you wanna know how its like.

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And then she thinks cookie monster’s cookie must be very nice and she went to buy it.

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I made Claire act like shes using a jackhammer prop along ‘New York’ and she held it like a I-dunno-what-to-make-out-of-that. Lol.

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Shortly after we arrived at Sci-fi City and we took the Transformers Ride 3D. We waited for 30mins though, or was it 45? I lost count. And the queue was only at half capacity. The line was freakishly long, its like it can support a whole barn house full of humans. The ride was great though, I’m really curious how they do it but that ride was really fun! How they recreate a virtual world inside the ride using computer graphics and still can make us feel all the sensations of prolonged falling etc, I thought I’m back in army doing static-line jump again. Zzz.

It was really fun anyways, and when we came out it was drizzling. I told Claire to take out the disposable rain poncho I prepared earlier and I dug out my rain jacket. We took awhile to don our jackets and as soon as we’re done, the drizzling stopped. Bummer.

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We went on to the Egyptian area, I guess its the set of the Mummy Returns? But we didn’t take the ride thinking it might be too scary. Then we saw another mellow ride called something treasure hunter? I dunno but never mind, its quite forgettable. Super boring for adults, its more like a family ride looking at thing that might scare the me from 24 years ago maybe? And we wasted about an hour queuing. Sigh….

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this is getting too long-winded…