[Simonseries] Wrap and roll Ion orchard review

While we were out one day, we talked about the recent numerous Vietnamese restaurants that are opening one after another all around singapore. I’m not a big fan of it but seems like Claire likes to eat Pho. So that day while deciding on a ‘healthier’ place to have our dinner, she suggested we go to Wrap n Roll. Eh I thought she wanted Pho? Fickle.

Anyways we went in and it wasn’t that crowded comparing to the sushi establishment beside it, that place is literally devouring customers. We took a long time trying to decide on a dish to share. We always share one meal whenever we go out to a restaurant. Contrary to what others may think, we’re quite the poor couple. No money do this no money do that, always trying to save some cash from taking cheaper items from the menu and sharing one main dish thats large enough to share like this time we ordered a hot pot dish to share.

 photo _jpeg IMG_0308_zpswaygow5q.jpg

 photo _jpeg IMG_0315_zpsi9xkzcaq.jpg

It consist of those rice wraps with raw vege and slices of pork. Its like a shabu shabu only you have the option to wrap your food. The waiter was nice enough to tell us which item goes with what sauce or and that we need to wet the ‘rice films’ to soften it. The hot pot was nice and spicy, I think it taste of prawn paste and lemongrass mainly.

 photo _jpeg IMG_0317_zpsngg5jjnt.jpg

 photo _jpeg IMG_0318_zpsn7im8jqk.jpg

 photo _jpeg IMG_0319_zpsza2i5q2j.jpg

Actually, the rice films smelled quite nasty, i don’t know how to explain, maybe its the smell from its processing? Doesn’t that means I’m eating unknown chemicals? Or maybe thats just how a dried up rice film smell like? And the soup, although we liked it, we got sick of the taste very fast. So… well… its just not to our tastes I guess. I would say its a nice place to have dinner, and I had fun with all the wrapping, but just didn’t really like the vietnamese taste there. Heh heh… thats just us lah so if you like them then why not?

Psst: claire here, sorry to interrupt.. Just wanna say I love the soup BUT too much is a little jelat :p

Good day then,