[Simonseries] Hobbies Bobby Ep13: After using my new toy for awhile… (lomo’instant)

It was many months ago when i first saw the kickstarter ad about lomo’instant. After viewing the promo video and stuff, I’m sold. I also dropped in a ‘I can use this for my wedding day’ excuse to seal the deal.

I recently received it perhaps 3 weeks ago, and its found a regular spot in my bag since. I mostly waste my shots on random stuff and Claire wasn’t too happy about it. Lol! Because the films i bought cost $9.90 per pack so every shot wasted is $1 gone.

But I just wanna have fun with this cam!

*Disclaimer: this is not a paid advert, i just genuinely like such imaging gadgets and would like to share here.

 photo _jpeg IMG_0292_zps2mcfjwva.jpg

This lomo is just like any other lomo cameras you would come across with, plasticky-not-so-fantastic build quality, fidgety switches and buttons etc. Well when you buy it you need to know that lomography sells ‘toy cameras’. They market their products as toys and hoped that the customers will take a light hearted approach when using their ‘toys’. And so I don’t take this camera so seriously except that every shot will cost me $1 at least.

It came to me with a stack of cards showing me some photos taken by someone and the settings they used to achieve that shot. I thought that was a good idea as it will gimme the motivation to experiment with the camera hoping to get those shots ( and failing miserably of course).

To me i think this camera works as how it is marketed. Use it like a toy, and get toy-like effects, having lots of fun while doing it, just like giving toys to kids. It also offers good features and manual controls like; multiple exposure mode, +/-2 exposure compensation, toggle flash on/off which some instax camera doesn’t offer, some degree of focusing and the nice retro styling. Further info can be found here..

I got this with their kickstarter project and the colour I have is only available when you order there. My package came with a close up lens, limited ed strap and 4 more colour gels for the flash (to make your flash come out in tinted colours). I liked it very much but the colours makes me a bit nervous when using it… But nevermind I only use it with Claire so I can act like its actually hers hahaha.

*Update a group photo of samples:


Up till now I only tried the normal no-flash modes and multi-exposures, and I liked how most of them looked, why ‘most’? Because there are times I screwd up and nothing showed up from the polaroids zzz… waste my money. All in all I will reccomend this camera for all its fun factors, over the other popular instax cameras. As long as you don’t mind the weird looking edges on your polaroid as this toy of a camera might not be totally light-tight (remember? Films are all light sensitive?). But well some people like that effect.

This camera is not to be taken seriously.

Ciao people,