[Simonseries] Living with Claire Ep10: Cafe-hopping in the month of November


Its not like we always cafe-hop, not exactly rich and our stomachs not strong enough to take so many acidic drinks. So usually it would be us going to a cafe, minus the hopping.

That day when I brought her out to Thomson area we only did a dual-cafe-hop, one for our meal and ice cream, then to another place where she wanna do a video for her youtube channel (check it out here) while I satisfy my need for coffee.


 photo _jpeg IMG_0257_zpslblw3t14.jpg

 photo PicsArt_1416872022266_zpsp5gii2po.jpg

The meat with pancakes was nice, we liked it a lot. We were under the impression that savoury stuff should not mix with sweet stuff. Pancakes are, in our mind, dessert type. But this combo was surprisingly good! Then we had ice cream of course. Udders sells ice cream mainly. We chose Pistachio and Bailey’s Irish Cream flavour if my memory did not fail me. They were so-so, maybe we just didn’t like those flavours, they had a wide selection though of interesting flavours. Will take us a year to try all of them. Lol.

 photo _jpeg IMG_0276_zpseepvfww0.jpg

Then the other day we went to the Starbucks near her place and bought something Christmas-themed..

That red and green pepper scone was a savoury scone and its quite filling despite looking so small. Ok lah small in my opinion. It tasted ok only, nothing fantastic about it, like pepper smell in a salty scone. While the cranberry white chocolate latte is too darn sweet we nearly got diabetes from it. I can only taste all those syrup in the coffee. Zzz

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Next we went…. Starbucks again. We always visit Starbucks… maybe because its a safe choice, a familiar place. So this time round we went window shopping which we haven’t been able to do for a long while now, until closing time. By then our legs were breaking up. So we just need a place to sit and chill. We came across an outlet just when we decided, so its all fated.

And i of course ordered something Christmas themed. Lol.

And so this concludes the boring cafe visits on November. I think I really should go somewhere besides Starbucks so I can write something interesting. After all, everyone loves Starbucks, so everyone’s been there before. Zzz.

Simon bored.