[Simonseries] Living with Claire Ep7: Our Random Good Food Post


Recently after she’s done all her assignments and crap, we finally have more time going out and spending more time together. Me being myself, I’m in a freaking good mood and started spending more money on good food. After all, being with her is happy times and happy times calls for happy food and happy food makes us happier! But happy food also must healthly lah, with me growing old and her being health conscious.

Remember the day we played with sparklers? After that we went to Liang Court and I just dragged her into the first ramen restaurant I came upon after entering the mall. Its Marutama and we’ve been talking about it a while back when I was in my ramen craze mode. I read some reviews and its all mixed ratings. Marutama using chicken bone for their soup base for all their ramen instead of the pork bone that I loved so much. I never tried chicken based so I thought I should try it out.

 photo _jpeg IMG_0898_zpsj9zidsts.jpg

I had the ‘Marutama ramen’ while she had the vegetable ramen. Well… hers was.. like… vegetable soup ramen. I think the plain taste of vegetables covered the chicken broth, which by itself wasn’t very strong to begin with. We appreciate the bland taste of vegetable but only if we can mix the veg with something flavourful.. not bland+bland=bland all the way… As for mine, its not as flavourful as I would’ve liked. Quite a mild chicken taste. Well if you like something not too overpowering then Marutama is for you. As for me I think I still like my all time favourite Santouka at The Central and the Hakata Ikkousha at Tanjong Pagar. Seeing that shes quite sian with her bowl, I gave her half of my charsiew and half of my soup. Lol.

Then more recently, we went to Clarke Quay and met up with someone to talk about something wedding related. We spent a long time talking till evening and by then me and Claire really don’t know what to do and where to go next. We walked aimlessly around the area before I finally decided to go Dhoby Ghaut. So we walked to Dhoby Ghaut. Yes we love walking. Along the way she kept whining about being sleepy and wanting to pee. I ask her she wanna find a toilet in SMU but she wanna go to the toilets at Plaza Singapura. I told its still a little ways ahead. But she insisted she wanna go there even though she really wanna pee. I kinda feel like its just an excuse for her to keep whining…

Anyways after enduring alot more whinings from her, we finally got there. After she visited the toilet, she now starts to whine about not knowing what to eat. Apparently these whining episodes only happens when she’s with me. Lol.. We settle for Nana’s Green Tea, I’m like overspending on food loh. But nevermind, we’re enjoying it.

 photo _jpeg IMG_0081-2_zpsmeqnubzf.jpg

 photo _jpeg IMG_0082_zpsjgps2dtt.jpg

I order something something Goma udon while she had a Chicken Karaage Salad. Thinking mine will be a piping hot udon dish with healthy steamed chicken slices,  it ended up as a freezing cold udon noodles in a sesame salad dressing and very cold chicken slices. Sigh. Only hot thing is her karaage loh. I want hot food, cold food gimme the chills. Anyways we also had Matcha Latte and Azuki Latte. I think I would prefer matcha to be just matcha without the milk. While her azuki bean latte is tasty, its also super super sweet. Then the freezing cold udon I had is not bad lah, the udon must be very chewy, and how do I come to that conclusion? Because Claire kept swapping my udon noodles with her karaage. Lol! Her karaage was very very nice but I think she much preferred chewy stuff like my udon. Hahaha! When I asked about her salad, her comment was just : “its a salad loh..” Lol.

 photo _jpeg IMG_0080_zpsdd2h54uv.jpg

So that concludes the 2 more expensive dinners we had recently. I went reservist anyways so we didn’t go out much for that 2 weeks. And she somemore can tell me she missed whining to me. Lol! K lah let’s end it here. Ciao guys.