[Simonseries] Living with Claire Ep3: Quick update on a stressful month in Claire’s life.

Hello Claire’s readers,

Its been awhile since Claire did any updates of her life. And even now shes still too busy to do it. So here I am.

Since I don’t know, was it July? I’m super bad with dates… When she started school, she got 3 assignments to do. I dunno the details, some essays that are super tedious. Deadlines were end of Aug and early Sept, and because she don’t know nuts about the individual modules yet, she needs to attend the lectures before working on them. Then after attending the lectures over weeks, she realise that the deadline is getting close. Thats why for the whole of August, we haven’t gone anywhere at all.

My usual weekday routine would be afterwork go wait for her to knock off, then go home together (till halfway, we don’t live together, at least not yet). During the days when she have to go to school, I would follow her to school and have a quick dinner together, then she’ll go for lecture and I’ll go home. This is the norm for almost a year now.

Weekends were the days when we can go somewhere to unwind. Either go somewhere shoot photos with me, or shoot videos for her, go eat something nice or buy supplies for our wedding and stuff, catch a movie, cook up a meal something together or just slack the days off at my place.

But now ah… weekends were like me going over to her place and watch her pulling at her hair, cracking her head open at her table, brooding over her assignments… Sigh.. that poor thing. So thats that for this whole month. Shes been sitting infront of her comp all day all night. Occasionally we will do a quick video for her youtube channel all in her room, after that she will go straight back to her school work.

I do go out and walk around to collect my thoughts and get materials for blogposts because I can’t go over in the day, she forbid it as I’m quite a big distraction to her. Lol. So anyways now its September already. So I really hope things would get better, but her exams are coming loh.. fingers crossed. I really hate her schooling times, and furthermore we don’t live together. It gets really lonely and boring, see even this post is boring loh.. but its for her future lah so bobian.

Wedding day is gettig closer now so I really hope I can manage on my own while shes busy with studies, ok lah i haven’t done much also hahahaha, I really need to get those invites ready though.

 photo 2014-08-28 10.30.04 1_zpsc9kiynae.jpg

Studying + working = super angsty Claire

So when shes studying and working means I get scolding. Thats our routine, at least for the past month.. LOL


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