How can plastic surgery help a woman

I think this is a very sensitive topic for both me and Simon lol! He hates it when I talked about plastic surgery and I myself has already start to grow out of the ‘i need to change my face’ thoughts.

I always think about enhancing my nose, my eyelids and etc etc. But come to think of it, I actually look rather ok if I may say so. I always think about doing PS den after that I will think about why do I want to do it? How will I benefit from it? I think the only thing that will come out of this is that I will be prettier but that doesn’t solve my confidence issue. I don’t hate my face actually, I hate my body more. -_-

So back to today’s topic, I think women go for plastic surgery because they want to gain more confidence, to be honest, this society is super judgmental.
You try to be funny, they say you try too hard.
You try to be happy, they put you down.
You try to dress like how you want, they say you have no fashion sense and so on and so forth..

But when you think about it, no matter what you do, people are going to talk, they can always think of something to say.
Just like when someone is born pretty naturally, they can say she go for plastic. Just like someone wear differently, they can say she is a copycat. Haiz. terrible, everything also can say one..

So since everything and anything they can also say, so let them say lor. I really admire those who can ignore nasty comments, I don’t think I can really take it but I guess sometimes you have to ignore it and just get used to it..

So after rambling so much, I just want to say if you think plastic surgery is really the only thing that can help you to have your confidence back then jolly well go for it. If it is not, then find out the real reason that cause your confidence to go down and work on it.

I guess that’s it. I’ll see you again. Recently I’m talking more like myself.. But the actual myself is when I talked to the camera. Very myself.. really…

Love you,