[Simonseries] Hobbies Bobby ep4: Its a DIY Photoshoot recce session, in search of ‘Punggol Lalang Field’

Hi this is Simon,

As you can see, with Claire being this busy with school, she hardly had any time to blog at all. She even have to put her favouritest past time, doing her vlogs, on hold. So its just me posting random stuffs till shes done with school, heh heh heh I’m taking over her blog heh heh heh.

Anyways this is just one of my sudden impulse to be somewhere episode. I’ve heard of ‘Punggol Lalang Field’ for a while now. My friend whos a photographer/videographer told me he went there with his brother before. I read online and lots of people go there during sunset and the pictures they produced were really pretty. According to their directions, apparently I should’ve been there before! But why didn’t my memory register ever seeing it before?


So today I suddenly had this urge to find it, almost as urgent as bowel movement… I did my research at home and pinpoint the location, it should be quite easy to find since I’ve been to the area a few times now. Packed my gears and off I go… or not. Its noon at the time so I’ll just continue to slack till 5pm..

 photo PicsArt_1407948452949_zpste0vuu1t.jpg

Its really close to Punggol Promenade, the jogging track is full of joggers, cyclists and families enjoying a day out. I’m quite a ‘hermit’ so I’m really not good with crowds. Followed the directions and found a few stalks of lalangs along the side of the track, as I’m seriously not dressed for bashing into tall grasses and shrubs (wearing berms and flip flops, I rock), I tried to find trails that lead into the lalangs. Its not exactly a ‘field’, its more like a savannah. Ok lah what savannah, I mean its littered with trees and the area is rather small… but ok lah still can work.


Found at least 3 entrances but the best trail opposite the bridge to Lorong Halus Wetland reserves is choked full of graduates doing grad photoshoot… its too crowded to my liking, seriously I hate crowds. So I went back to the 1st trail. I went in and am surprised it looked like someone’s been here before?


Seeing this thing here with plastic bags plus the smell of something died here makes me think is this a crime scene. But whatever lah I just kept walking.


There is a clear path lah but ah its parallel to the track and leads to all the yellow lalang kind, I thought they don’t look as nice as the white ones… so I tried going deeper into the vegetation.


Ah there this is the white kind loh, dyed golden by the setting sun. Its fluffy but the small area I’m in doesn’t have much of them leh. And to get to them I need to bash through really thick grove of yellow lalangs, I kena cut by thousands of blades and somemore give the mosquitoes a free buffet loh!!! (Dun buy those repellent patches, useless!!)

So I made do with taking photos of fallen trees.



And some tiny flowers…



I went home after the erratic weather drop some water on me, bringing home something between 20-30 insect bites. Loving it.

Some lalang facts: after doing some research, the yellow kind are actually the ‘flowering’ lalangs. Its technically not really flowers but spikes/spines that when the outer shells dropped off, will reveal the white fluffy hair of the seeds u see above. Thus white lalang. Lol

Anyways its really quite a pretty place in the right conditions, like at 6-7pm ‘Golden Hour’ and at the patch opposite the bridge. But too bad I too shy with so many people around and not well prepared for this.

Alright then bye guys.

The human insect magnet

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