Part 2: Naumi Liora staycation – FOOD

Check out part 1 of the staycation here. 🙂

Hello All!

Finally my part 2 of the staycation 😀 I’m still trying to get used to this back to school mood because I think I’m still not ready yet. 🙁

For this part 2 post, I’m introducing food!

Kaya Toast and Ramen!

I always go to Yakun for kaya toast but I found another place for good toast! :D:D
It’s Tong AH coffee house and I think they used to occupy a bigger shophouse, but no matter what even though they have already downsized I still love their toast! It’s awesome because you can have an awesome staycation and a. a. a. awesome breakfast! (:

Tong Ah Coffee Shop 35 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089143
(I don’t know if this is the old address or the new one, but the new place is just walking distance away)

 photo SAM_0555_zpsf9562658.jpg

 photo SAM_0568_zpsd7b2234e.jpg

Did you drool? can you drool pls! If you go Naumi Liora to stay then you must eat these for breakfast!!

After our breakfast, we went back to change and prepare to check out. 🙁 But still happy because we had good lunch at this japanese place that we never heard before!! Like found treasure sia!

Hakata Ikkousha BLK 7 Tanjong pagar plaza #01-104 Singapore

First thing that caught my attention. FREE BOILED EGG. I love eggggggg whites!

 photo SAM_0584_zps097552f4.jpg

 photo SAM_0585_zps4e35aab5.jpg

You can choose the softness of the ramen and the how flavourful you want the soup to be. Simon chose ‘normal’ for the softness and ‘japanese’ for the flavour!

 photo SAM_0587_zpsfda839fe.jpg

The soup was so concentrated simon said it taste like JAPAN!!! (I miss Japan so much…. 🙁 ) The chasiew was above average but the eggs are just normal hard boiled eggs. Eggs are free though so no complains!! My order was gyozas. Actually I wasn’t hungry so I didn’t wanna order anything, but “Its meal time, we must eat something!” Is what he would always say… -.-” and so we’re sharing the ramen and gyoza! Gyoza was so-so though, unfortunately…

 photo SAM_0589_zps1c9bb511.jpg


The staycation at Naumi Liora was good. The experience with the friendly hotel staffs (solving the booking issues we had the week before. *thumbsup*) was greatand we had all our needs covered. Although we would really wished we were given the bigger porch room… The area around Liora has a little of everything. From old-school cafes to quirky, swanky, whatever-ky hip-cafes, nightlife, there are so many things to see and do!! Now thinking back, I really missed staycations… 🙁 you can never have enough of it!! So now we’re gonna plan for our next holiday hahahahaha!!!

 photo _jpegIMG_0163_zps04b70aee.jpg

Till next time people!! I will be focusing on doing my assignments this August and probably to October. Today 1st August I officially hand over my blog to my boyfriend. So Support him ok. LOL SO EXCITED LIKE WTF. kk i love you all bye!