[Simonseries] Wedding Planning Ep4: a quick update and future tasks

Hello this isn’t Claire. Its Simon, unfortunately…

Just a quick update on what’s confirmed, what’s collecting dust and what we plan to do in the near future.

The big day is coming really soon and i can feel the heat already, because there are mountains to things to do but we just can’t seem to focus on them!

I used to be really enthusiastic, but now I’m just slacking off LOL. Well I’m the type of person who would wait until the fire’s burning (fire burning on the dance floor) my ass then I’ll start moving. And Claire is busy with work/school/(and her vlogs). So.. yeah. Never mind.


1) Wedding bands – Collecting dust.

I seriously think our rings are special. People here usually go for precious metals like gold or platinum, they look really nice and ‘precious’ but that means we’ll be too careful with them when we wear them. I, for one, don’t wanna mind too much while wearing our ring, it should be like a part of my body. So we went for durability over all else, with some subtle detail on it. Glad that I found this craftsman based in New Zealand. Not sure if Claire mentioned about them earlier, go check them out here.

Well we can’t be wearing them yet right? Thus the dust collection.

2) Wedding dress, veil, heels, suit, bouquet – work in progress

Getting a LITTLE bit worried, just a little little bit. I haven’t even started on my suit, and haven’t go check out her dress…

3) Glass pavilion setup, restaurant setup (venue decoration) – in progress?

The venue decoration quote came back, we were quite happy with it. So now its more waiting for a draft mock-up? I’ve no idea, the contact person is Claire and of course, shes been rather busy. LOL.

4) Wedding invitation cards – ah haha yeah coming..

Ok I’m suppose to do up the design, decided to simplify the work process by making use of technology. I do have an idea (poached from the net) but I just haven’t started on it yet.. Soon, hopefully. 😀

Since I haven’t started on it, I guess I shouldn’t share any photos yet.

5) Photobooth items, backdrop – low priority

As per point Number 3. Same people doing our photobooth decorations, but we will come up with the props. Already did some DIY props for our photoshoot and we will repair and recycle them. Yeah repair, I kinda destroyed some of them due to improper handling.

6) Pre-wedding casual shoot – Done

Already done. Am satisfied. Anyways we’re still going to do DIY shoots and hopefully I can add more material to our wedding album.

7) Wedding videography – uncertain

At this point of time this is still an Unknown. Or i should say undecided. Budget issues, we are trying think of a way to not spend too much on this.

And these should cover the main things for our wedding. I want it to be a simple event where our guests can unwind and have some fun. But then, as I’ve said, there are plenty of things to do yet.

1. I HAVEN’T EVEN CONTACTED A JP! what’s a wedding solemnization without a JP??? But I’m shy leh how?? I actually found a list from the net on recommended JPs but I just left it hanging right… there.

2. Wedding album!! I know its gonna be a simple event but then we woukd still need to have one. We plan to tell our story in one album. Bought an ‘album kit’ off the shelf and that kit is seriously a great help for disorganised people like us *eh hem* me.

Huh only 2 things i haven’t do? Somehow I feel like I missed out a mountain of things here, I dunno I just don’t feel the urgency yet. This is very bad but thats just me being me. Lol. Anyways I think this is about it. Right then, (hmm.. maybe i should just put a random pic everytime i end a post) till next time.



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