Easy Straight eyebrows

Took me alot of courage to shave my eyebrows and to get rid of my arch. I think I look fierce and older with my arched eyebrows. So i decided to shave them off and create straighter eyebrows!

I’m so glad I did it because now maintaining my eyebrows’ so easy!

 photo IMG_20130817_112441_zps7c6f827e.jpg

Easy to draw and I dun even need to go for threading or trimming anymore. Save my $7-10/per session LOL.
All you need is the below tool and you can maintain your straight eyebrows, I got mine from faceshop about $5.90, daiso got the same catch and it’s only for $2? I’m not sure for 1 or 2, but even 2, it’s cheaper than $5.90.

 photo The-Face-Shop-Daily-Beauty-Tools-Eyebrow-Razor-2Pcs-Desc_zps4b2ff20c.jpg

If you want a younger face, create straighter eyebrows like me! hehehe. ;D