Food and Pets

Hi Wednesday 2more days to payday! HAHAHA.
I shall share some articles to brighten up your day!


This black hot dog actually look kinda dirty to me, but since it can be good for health (click to read) I might just give it a try when I’m in Tokyo this coming october! *YAY DAMN EXCITED* It’s not very expensive also! Do you know how much I love hotdogs? But i seldom eat them now. :/


hehheh, steps to getting your perfect and good korean style ramyun noodles!! All noodles should have eggs! Must have!!!


Omg japan sweets really look super good, especially the maple cheese pie! Can drool la pls. Why am i arriving at Narita and not Haneda HAR???


When I read the above article, I feel so angry and sad at the same time, animals are lives also okay, how can you just gas them out in Japan. WTF. What do you mean by legally killed man. Super pissed. I really hope more animals can be saved.


Super heartwarming, I always wanted a pet. But my ahma dun allow. 🙁


What do you think? Pets or kids?

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