Thai Express, you disappoint me. But cookies you made me happy.

Was so disappointed the last time I visited Thai Express. I was so excited because I’m having thai food cravings and I remembered Thai.E served quite decent thai food.

Maybe its my choices :/

But there’s always sweet treats to brighten me up! HEhehe. I know la I’m suppose to be weight loss blogger, but since I started working, I’ve been enjoying life by indulging in good food. The only thing I’m willing to spend big money on is skincare and food.

 photo IMG_20130508_183531_zpse337e07b.jpg
Cookies for Sid is along Citylink. I don’t know what that stretch call, but it’s near the sushi express and Thai Express there.

I think their cookies are pretty special, recently whenever I have ice cream, desserts or treats out, I will never order chocolate, because it’s so mainstream. LOL Chocolate related one I can always bake it myself! But My bf likes chocolate, so if we order more, will definitely have chocolate one. LOL!

 photo IMG_20130508_183619_zps64c374bb.jpg
Everyone deserves A Great cookie, how true right??

I loved the individual packaging, you can try their ‘Earl Grey Almond cookie‘ too which is pretty exotic!

They got other special flavours like Double Choc Fruit & Nuts, Rum & Raisin Oat meal, Brown Sugar and more which you can find it out from here —>

Maybe cookiesforsid can sponsor me since I’m like hardselling you? HAHHA.

And the below is the disappointing meal which I think it’s 90% blame on me, cos I ordered the choices. So Thai Express, you are forgiven.

 photo IMG_20130508_194343_zpsedb4d8af.jpg

 photo IMG_20130508_193212_zps84b9423f.jpg

But even though so, sorry but I won’t go back to T.E again, unless I got craving for your Prawn Toast.