Tony Romas And Marche

Always love weekends, I love weekends more when I am rich. HAHAHA. or we are rich. LOL.

So about 2weeks ago, we went to Marche!! Finally!! Missed the food there!

 photo IMG_20130713_132026_zpsc87ddf45.jpg

 photo IMG_20130713_145016_zps048c9db4.jpg
I love the layout/settings in Marche.
 photo IMG_20130713_150757_zpscdb704ce.jpg
Ordered quite abit, and I was so full!

My love for sauteed mushrooms will never die.

We had lamb, salmon chowder, apple cinnamon muffin, salad, Bruschetta, carrot juice/coffee.  

And then about a few days ago? Ok last thursday, we went to Tony Romas. It was my treat because I got extra income! LOL. And marche was his treat btw.

 photo IMG_20130718_184118_zps320aa511.jpg
Complimentary bread loaf with garlic dip
 photo IMG_20130718_185620_zps6cf8cdff.jpg
My awesome salmon.
 photo IMG_20130718_185842_zps3bc473e3.jpg
And the too good medium well steak.

And we end the day with a cheesecake. OMG. fats calling me!! I hate PMS. Do you eat like a pig when your period is coming? Before or during???

 photo IMG_20130718_201802_zps2d4c07cf.jpg
Btw this is from starbucks. LOL

And oh today is 1month after my birthday, today is 24th July, Happy Birthday PP. sigh.

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