Luview Real Skin Premier BB Cream

Beauty Bistro is a beauty castle that provides an extensive choice of beauty products and gadgets to meet the insatiable needs of women from all ages. Beauty Bistro actively source for innovative and award-winning products from Japan, Korea, France, Taiwan and Europe. So today I am reviewing one of the BB cream from Beauty Bistro, and it’s

Luview Real Skin Premier BB Cream

LUVIEW is an up and coming Korean brand. It was established in 2010 and its core target are ladies in their 20s and 30s.
All LUVIEW products are manufactured using a unique combination of carefully selected natural ingredients (minerals and botanical tea extract) and the most advanced dermatology – the perfect formula for a skin friendly makeup brand.
Sorry for the frown, not used to lighting sometimes in the morning, lol

Luview Primer BB cream covers Blemish & Pore, regular skin tones, function of primer were added to completes skin expression.

 photo SAM_1218_zps6d8b4cd5.jpg
Loving my new eyebrows.

It’s a KFDA certified whitening cosmeceutical product which cares the skin from blemish and somber tone, with the function of sebum control, it maintains smooth make up. Ingredients like Elderberry & black berry protects skin from toxic environment, and it’s a natural skin cover too.

And here’s the outcome!

 photo SAM_1224_zps3b32a200.jpgThe coverage is decent, for pores and blemishes too.
But the downside of it is that I don’t really like the smell and don’t really see any whitening effect on my face.

You probably can try this if you’re not going for whitening products, and looking for a skin friendly, decent coverage and light weighted bb cream. ๐Ÿ˜‰