Trying to be healthy, failed badly

I wanted so much to prepare my own lunch for work.
I’m so excited when I prepared them for the first day.
It looks so healthy and good and tasty.
But I only managed to sustain this for 3days? sigh..

I wake up at 530am every morning to prepare for my 9am work. I know it’s freaking early but if I dun get up at 530am I would be late.
And I finished work at 6pm, but I reach home at 7+ close to 8pm. I need to settle down, wash my bottoms, eat my dinner, go for a short walk, do some massage and it’s already what 10pm? ARGH. and with bathing and some miscellaneous stuffs I go to sleep at 11-1130pm.

Everyday just go like this, and I lose the motivation to prepare lunch.
So now I can only look for healthier alternatives.

so this was one of the lunch i prepared, I hope it looks good to you.

If you have spare time, I really encouraged you to prepare yr own meals, there’s a sense of satisfaction and it’s all goodness healthy!!

I always had bread for brekkie and just recently I changed to granola. As much as I liked it, I started having sorethroat after one week of eating this.

well.. too bad.. too heaty for me..

need to find better breakfast options again! eat HEALTHY eat HEALTHY eat HEALTHY!

I’ll end this post with my minimal makeup face and yea.. shall blog soon!