Hoshino Coffee

I wonder how people tahan the 1-3months, cos for me I feel like dying. I’m going to blog about STUDIO M soon so wait for all my updates to be over first HAHA.

nevermind about me, lets talk about Hoshino’s.

My bf has super sexy legs.

Went to Hoshino Coffee and as usual it was super packed.

The menu

We had Hoshino coffee @ Hoshino coffee. LOL! I really dunno how to enjoy coffee, to me as long as its coffee I think the taste is alright, but the best bet is always mocha!

but I love their cup and everything!

We had a rough time choosing either curry rice or french toast. And the latter won the race. (we had macdonald for dinner instead becos french fries are Mr simon’s archilles’ heel!)

We definitely did not regret our choice of french toast even though we waited for more than half an hr for this small plate.

well.. the wait was all worthwhile.

This is the best I’ve eaten. It’s so soft and fluffy and omg i dun even… it melts in yr mouth and with the maple syrup, i feel like im in heaven.

Okay I should stop thinking about food, gotta control!

Till the next post!