I rant and I eat!

I used to blog every 2days, now I can only squeeze out once a week.

Being an intern gave me an insight to how my life would be in the future. It’s not that interesting and fun anymore, I’ve got lesser time to do things, to blog, to go out, or even for myself. But I kinda liked this life because it kept me busy, kept me occupied and I just feel stabilized. In another words, I got better, I feel slightly relieved and well, happier.

I know I sound like I’m ‘sick’ but it’s just that there are things that had been weighing on my mind. haha I’m getting better and I just hope that it will be even better! 😀

This week was a rush, work can make my heart beat like mad because it’s just so many things. But I always looked forward to lunch time as I could have lunch with Mr tey. But 2more weeks later, I’m changing office, and it’s just so sad :(( Not only that I’m going to stop having lunch with mr tey, the workplace is more troublesome and aiya I just dont like it.

and recently I’ve been thinking about what to do after internship, and I’m totally clueless. this is even shitty. forget it i shall just wait till i finished this term first.

I was sick a few days back, gastritis. I think it’s something that won’t stop. and in order for me to reduce the chances of it happening again, I decided to not eat spicy and sour food anymore, and cut down on fried food. Better for my skin also. I’m a chilli lover but I really hate the stomach bloat until like 6months pregnant and pain feeling. I’m feeling better now but still bloated. I got to be more cautious about my food intake.

So enough of my life story lol, let me post some food photos!

I finally tried the fish soup at Pearl Center! It’s so gooood!! Mr tey had been telling me about it for quite some time i think got a few years but he never brought me there before, and I finally tried it yesterday! hehheh.

looks good right!??! it’s super good. i love the soup and the fried egg in the soup, the ikan bilis and the rice is good too!

You wont miss the stall, it’s inside the building. But there are 3 ‘food outlets’ inside, it’s not the one near the entrance nor the one at the back, middle one.

we had some dessert as well. i dunno what is this.

and the day before I finally went to TIONGBAHRU BAKERY! oh i love bread did i ever mention that? Bread is my favourite food on earth!

5th mth w braces, will blog about it on the 7th month =)
I forgot the name of the one on the left, but it’s with salted caramel. on the right one you should know haha. it’s $3.50 and $2.50. the bread/pastries is so nice, i tried their samples!

I’m gonna go back again and try every single bread/pastries/tarts/cakes there!!!

I’ll blog about the anniversary date with huizhen next post. hehheh.