How to lose weight article – Part 16!

Difficult for an office lady to lose weight, is this true? Yes and No.

Yes because

1. We sit from 9-6 (whatever your working hours)
2. The first thing after finishing our lunch is to sit back in office and do our work.
3. After that, we go home eat dinner and sleep, exercise? Many say, TOO TIRED LA.

Correct? It had been 3years since I last worked in an office and now all the time I’m eating and sitting! grrr..

Remembered I lose a few kgs working the other time? I think I’m going to gain it all back soon LOL. Even though I should gain some weight and looked healthier but I do think it’s necessary for me to gain healthy weight.

There are days whereby I do eat healthy, like maybe a few days in a week.

From 9am to 5pm I’m working, how do I incorporate exercise into my working life?



Nope I don’t exercise in the morning because sleep is more important, but I walked to the station, the more I walk the healthier I feel.

Mid day:

I try to find food that are far yet near so I can do some walking back and forth, (this is the only available timing I can walk during my working hours, of cos I must walk more) And since I meet my bf for lunch usually we walked alot.


I brisk walked. I may be tired, but I still manage to squeeze out time to walk, and I sleep at 930 to 10pm every night!

Wednesday and Sunday is my official rest day whereby I eat whatever I want and dun exercise at all. As you grow up, your time is getting lesser, no point working out everyday.

And what about food, what should you eat?

Morning: Eat your own breakfast, I don’t buy out unless I’m lazy/late/or run out of bread.

Lunch: If you can bring your own food it’s better if not you have to eat smart outside. Hawker food are mostly unhealthy in my opinion. My top 2 choices are always yong tau foo and chap cai ben. Amoy street food center got salad corner so u know what I mean la haha if you worked near there.

Snack: FRUITS. Need I say more?

Dinner: Eat homecooked food and eat lesser if you eat alot during lunch. What you eat during lunch determines your dinner. The more veggies the better.

Okay that’s my 2cents worth. haha I hope it helps! =)