Sexylook Intensive Moisturizing Black Cotton Mask

First time using black mask!

This is the one that I used!



[FIR] absorb dirt, excessive sebum, and refine pores. Rehydrate and repair skin for a natural glowing complexion.

Ocean nurtured black pearl moisturizes skin for a satin-soft touch & pearl-like radiance!

black and soft!
ninja claire

Other than me loving the black color, I got to comment the absorption is really good. It’s fast and almost immediate. I also observe pore minimization =D My main concern with my face is my pores, but i got no time for facial!

And of cos, love the feeling of the mask, really soft and cottony!

Things that I don’t like about this mask would be the size, as you can see, it’s actually quite big for my face. I think quite big for most people. It would be better if it’s smaller. 😀

Overall, I think it’s good and affordable, check out for discount **v

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