Mylife – the weekend with you.

A photo when the face is still half-swollen.

im so happy this space is updated regularly nowadays =pp more reviews coming =)


I shall backtrack to Last week..

when im boredd.

I’m in love with candydoll’s products! the lipstick is the first product that i get from candydoll.


if you wanna get it, this is the packaging!

Went to burger king for dinner, and people kept staring at us. lol i told simon that next time just smile cos now we popular. HAHHAA. joke me.

A photo with mr tey. =D Dun need to photoshop my face anymore it’s shrinking every month =D

we are going to have twin face if my face gets longer!

The next day, he came over to my house!

Helped me to fix the toilet light. LOL. ahma must be amazed.


Then, le ahma brought us out for dinner!

We had….
mushroom and spinach, the mushroom looked very dark in color, i hope it’s the lighting. haha.

the fishhead steamboat here as compared to the one at CHONGPANG is much much much better, maybe because i like salty soupbase? but i cant find the yam =(

And on sunday, ahma cooked up a feast for the 2 of us. HAHA.

okay now, i need to concentrate on my exams, and of course my blog will still be updated, im going to share with you guys new skin care products, new clothings, new weight loss article and so forth. so im very excited! =) so pls stay tuned!


Be, I will pray for your operation, it will be successful. No risks, no side effects, no 2nd time.

You will be able to eat alot alot alot with me, and i shall gain weight for you. So pls recover fast! I need you to acc, take care, go out, and eat with me! <3

I’m so sorry I can’t come to you today as I need to prepare for my exam, but yes i will be there with you tomorrow, so pls be hyper! =D

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  1. Nowadays I quite often visiting your blog! I love reading your blog especially when you blog about diet! 🙂

    Thank you for sharing!

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