mylife: im back!!

Back from Batam! But im not blogging about batam today, im backtracking to erm last friday?

Carry my big backpack and off I went to NEX, and realized im not suppose to go NEX, but suppose to go to Simon’s House first. ogod..


We decided to have pizza hut for our dinner because GREAT EASTERN mailed him pizza hut voucher!
But his mom got cook and we settled our dinner at his place first, yes, eat at his place first, pizza hut is 2nd round.

Went to starhub first and waited about close to an hour?



i got craving for french fries, i didnt know their fries are so tasty! prefer the dark red sauce!
our free skinny pizza (chic delite) very yummy!

we had camomile tea which was very calming.

next fair price!

i suagu, first time spot this self-check out thing! its seriously damn cool!
he’s a good cashier LOL he even acted out lor

we bought yan yan!!! He just opened one of them and say something like, ‘this will motivate me’

because i suggest to walk from serangoon to hougang, HAHHAA!

he’s god damn tired. LOL!

fun day! and i cant wait to stay together with him! :D:D