New york new york

Last week I went down to Prive to have a check on my eye area. dont worry i did not do anything new, if i did, i will definitely share 🙂 and I met MIKKO, oh god how can i forgot to take picture with her? nvm there’s always next time. She’s so sweet to accompany me! 😀

i went down with a bare face, all the way from yishun to raffles pl!

My worries are being answered to and really thanks Dr Karen, cos she is so kind 🙂

After coffee with Mikko, I went to amk to meet the boy! HE’s FINALLY DONE WITH RESERVIST for this year!

lol while i was waiting

i bought the rubberband from daiso, but thinking back now, i think i can get cheaper one!
anyway im on a super saving mode right now!

Had our dinner at NEW YORK NEW YORK. im saving but it was a reward for him! He had had a tough 2weeks!

mozarella cheese on chicken with mushroom, something like that, but cant remember the exact name!

I actually wanted to order that but I think it’s very unhealthy HAHA. and i ordered a caesar salad and a bread bowl for myself. and one thing i learn about being eating healthy in a restaurant, BE PREPARED TO SPEND MORE.

clam chowder breadbowl not bad

another thing im upset about! i remember new york new york used to have salmon caesar salad! why now no more?!?!?! grrr..

I will share the healthier choices I made every now and then in my how to lose weight article 😀

i promise to update regularly! 😀 even though i may be doing nothing! pictures and updates of my life are definitely better than nothing at all right?

till next post! <3

4 thoughts on “New york new york

  1. so you had super fat arms and thighs last time?
    now i’m 57kg at 162cm but i have really fat arms that seem impossible to be gone!

    1. hey bel!

      yup superrrrr fat arms and thighs.
      how ‘fat’ is your arm? isit due to muscles also?

  2. nope.. is super flabby! used to be around 12-13 inches around the BCG area.. now is around 11.3 inches.. if can lose till 10 inch i’ll be happy enough.. possible or not! u got as flabby as me last time? haha

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