[FOOD IN HK] Read this if you are a Dimsum Lover!

Yes, it’s also my last day in HongKong! Woke up late, we walked to this dim sum place @ TIM HO WAN, 添好運點心專門店. (like one of the stephen chow’s movie right?)

already many people are queueing, we waited for about half an hr, and was told to go back after half an hr.


went to their supermarket and got this eggroll 鸡蛋卷 (is it this juan? aiya nvm la haha!), it’s not the usual eggroll in Singapore during Chinese New Year, this is so much better!


20mins later.. we walked back to the place, SIMON SAYS HE LOST THE NOTE, the number we have to show before going in. -.- so we traced back and finally we found it in the dustbin outside the supermarket! argh.

ok.. now we are seated inside.didn’t order SIEW MAI. the previous day we met one singaporean uncle, he told us the SiewMai and the chee cheong fun not special, but must try the crispy BBQ pork buns!



just wake up face


their awards and certificates
crispy BBQ pork buns!! DAMN NICE
omg after 1bite, the juice HEAVEN
this 排骨 also very nice!



hargow soso only LOL

You must visit this place if you are a DIMSUM lover! Their current 2locations’ at MongKok and Yau Ma Tei, they are having a new outlet @ I think should be Tsim Tsha Tsui SOOON!!!

I will definitely go back again, and I guess i will order 3charsiew baos (total 9baos!) and 5baigus. LOL! but the place very small, and we ordered quite little actually, because we were eating at about 11+ and we were supposed to book out at 12pm! So a word of advice, dun eat Dimsum on the last day!