[Travel] Must-eats when you go to MALACCA!

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I’ve got school later, but i can’t seem to sleep anymore after i woke up at 12am haiz.. Decided to do a midnight blog post hehhee. all thanks to joyce for the idea. HAHHAA. okay la i alrdy tot of doing one actually b4 she suggests.

And since I’m really very hungry right now, but there’s nothing to eat and breakfast is like 3hrs later, i decided to do this post on MALACCA!!!

What are the must-eats when you go MALACCA?

First on my list!

LAKSA! a pity i dun have the pic of ASAM LAKSA!

If you ask me which one i prefer, i can only say tough choice, cos both are delicious!

some nyonya food! bloody good!

and after a meal! you should have some dessert! ^^ which is…

CHENDOL, best!

i dare to say this is the best CHENDOL i’ve ever eaten!

And where can you find these food? Jonker Street!

their signage!

Lastly, remember to come to this SAN SHU GONG also known as ‘san jek gong

spot my thumbs up? HAHA. their behtehsoh damn good!!!

Are you hungry now? If you havent been to Malacca, pls go soon!!
I might be going Penang this coming December, highly possible, damn excited cos i love food!!!

*beh teh soh: ma ti su
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