[Giveaway [closed] + review] MELTIE! cleanser+make up remover!

Another innovative product that I’m going to recommend today!
strawberry flavour.. what do you think it is?
icecream? NO. yogurt? NO. ans: Make up remover + Cleanser!

Meltie! Original Ice-Cream Melting Cleanser is a light, creamy and exceptionally smooth cleansing formula that cleanses your face & removes both eye & face makeup, ALL IN JUST 1 STEP AND 1 MIN!

Not only does Meltie! performs deep cleansing, it also unclogs blocked pores!

Comes in 3flavours, STRAWBERRY, ALOE VERA & LEMON to cater to your preference!

Other than deep cleansing and a make up remover, what other benefits does MELTIE! gives us?

– It’s non-oily, non-alcholic product!

– Minimizes skin irritation

– Minimizes irritation on the eyes

Prevents breakouts!

– Gentle on the delicate eye contour area and more!

Sounds good huh? I already used it and what’s my view on this?


How do you use MELTIE!?

Work very small amount into lather with lukewarm water and massage around the face to remove make-up or cleanse your face. (I used it on my left eye)

Result: Eye make up easily removed!


After rinsing off with water!

Results: My skin feels clean and soft! No tight feeling at all 😀


When removing eye makeup, rinse off thoroughly before opening eyes. If product gets into eyes, rinse with clean water.

So should you buy it or not?

Yes you should!


1) You can use it as a daily cleanser (even when no makeup is worn).

2) When removing makeup, you do not need a seperate cleanser after removing. Not only does it saves time, you also SAVE MONEY!

good deal right? don’t you want to try it? applying ‘icecream’ on your face? 😛

You can get MELTIE! and more infos from their website! 🙂

Also, Melie will be sold at all SaSa outlets from the last week of October!

and before that shouldn’t you like their facebook first? 😀 click here

enjoy your cup of MELTIE! and remember DO NOT EAT!

*review based on my own skin*


I’m actually quite worried that I can’t finish those 3tubs. So I decided to give away one of them!

Either Aloe Vera or Lemon!

All you need to do is to guess my age! WAHH EASY RIGHT??

just leave a comment or send me an email 🙂 my13thacc@yahoo.com.sg

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