(Review) Bioessence Face lifting Cream & a slimming tool

Got the cream from Watsons member sales, and come along with this..

Deep cleanser with ATP

*no effect seen on my face for the cleanser, i still think my neutrogena is the best :)*

Was doing video and you know what happened, *read my prev post*

love my ringlight, i was using webcam mind you haha!

it was not as effective as in the morning, i think i picked the wrong timing to do it πŸ™
anyway.. let’s measure first! (yes, it came with measuring tape)

u saw my knee? haha! using my toe to click my mouse. damned.

it was about 9.1/2cm.

after that, i apply the cream and massage them in.

*10-15mins waiting time*

meanwhile lemme introduce this face slimming tool i got from Malacca! (i also got a few nose slimming tool which i will blog soon and one of them’s over here)

fixed them together
stupid funny face

roll in and out.

i’m bringing this with me to Hongkong because without any cream, it still fights my bloatedness hehehe i like ^^just need to roll 15mins a day.

okay back to Bioessence..

after 10mins i measured my face again, it was about 8.8cm, not major difference but there’s difference, i think because my face’s not as bloated as in the morning. I think it’s best to apply in the morning, especially when you had supper or too much water the night before or not having enough sleep that lead to bloatedness & water retention on the face the next day. If i’ve got the time, i’ll probably do a video in the morning again! people who are on budget would think it’s quite costly at about $40+, but i saw one shop in my neighbourhood area that sells about $30+ omg! it’s quite worth it lah, but very oily and thick!

this is not an advert

ps: getting award tml, damn nervous! i will be away next week but i will come back with hell loads of posts, thanks for coming back again last month, love you people!!! <3<3<3

2 thoughts on “(Review) Bioessence Face lifting Cream & a slimming tool

  1. hi, I have an exact face slimming tool as u..but I don’t dare to use as ppl say it will cause your face skin to be saggy and unfirm..can I ask how is the slimming tool effect for u so far??

    1. i haven been using it for some time cos i dun feel any bloatedness on my face alrdy. if you are worried that it will be saggy then try face lift masks or face lifting cream? πŸ™‚

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