Sensitive skin, and Super sunblock solution!

Because I got SENSITIVE skin, it took me really hard to find products that suit me. Especially BB creams. The current one I’m using is from Etude House, great coverage but I find it a tad too oily for me. :l But it’s also a hassle to change because I’m worried I would have a outbreak if I were to switch to another brand!

Precious BB cream from Etude house, sheer silky skin
Precious BB cream from Etude house, sheer silky skin

I need recommendation of BB cream that is not greasy and suitable for sensitive skin :

Also I’m sharing my foundation from Face Shop, great for sensitive skin!


Flebeaute collagenic, 2way cake.


Definitely good. Creamy powder foundation and it feels very soft when you apply. It’s suitable for sensitive skin, and I’ve been using like don’t know how many foundations before I find this which suits me.

And lastly, sunblock. I fear the sun because I don’t want to be tan, i want to remain fair, so the other time when I went to phuket, be went in search for a good sunblock with the highest spf. And it is really effective and non greasy, I applied and went under the sun, I did not get sunburnt or tan at all, maybe a little. Im going bintan next, it’s a must to bring this over!

sunplay super block
sunplay super block

go get one!

so tell me, what BB creams u guys use? 😉

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