[Travel] Malacca 2D1N: Aldy’s Hotel, San Shu Gong, Jonker 88 Asam Laksa

playing a fool
is he dozing off?
when boredom strikes, i got no choice. LOL
cherry like this photo LOL
this is our hotel, ALDY’S
river ride
san shu gong, THE MA TI SU ( BEH TEH SOH) not bad.


asam laksa, this one is definitely better than the baba!
the place you must come!
nice shop! so sweeeet.
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chendol with SAGO! not enough gula melaka :


blogspot is being a bloody nuisance. !@#$%^&* cant upload my pictures properly. anyway this is just day 1 and i will update day 2 soon! 🙂 alot of things to blog about walao. be smarter leh blogspot!!!


this bus journey was suppose to be 3hours, but due to too much delay we reached there at 2+, going to 3pm, when we set off at 830am -_- the purpose of going there was to nua and eat, and we did enjoyed ou
rselves. Although it isn’t a shopping paradise or a beach vacation, but the lay back life style is definitely worth to go back again and again. NEXT TIME SHALL GO WITH FRIENDS!!!

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