[Travel] Malacca 2D1N: Baba Laksa, Goreng Goreng and taking bus around.

me in the hotel. after or before the rooftop trip. funny sial the jacuzzi. damn plain. :X
be says i’m just like a kid who keep rubbing my eyes. :
bird face here, no choice, the sun la.. lol.
taken squatting at the stairs. LOL taken by simontey
and then its lunch time again! this one is baba laksa, mmm. standard abit dropped. :
and this tehe! now i dun mind eating this instead of laksa! GORENG GORENG IS THE YUMS!
trying to hook up with the auntie. HAHA NOLAH. thats the stall for goreng2
be have u shown this to ur dad? woah so kawaii~
so kua zhang lor this queue. maybe next time i can go try but im not a fan of CHICKEN LICE LEH
trishaw very kelian, even people like weigh 1000pounds they still have to cycle lor.
very bright sial. lol im fair also la haha!
the aeroplane and me. LOL good posture.
maybe i can be brighter? lol
on the town bus, im sleepy! going back to central now!
he cropped my face out, i like this he also like this. lol! cute cardigan i bought for rm25 or em29?
i cant help but to give weird faces when taking pics with u HAHA.
the town bus, woah singapore dun have one lor. damn old school NICE.
i didnt fall asleep la! lol
lol for dog lovers! HAHA.
i forgot to upload this, and i shall put this for the last, cos it is epic LOL the guy pulling the train stupid sia HAHA :X

i wanted to buy satay fish but sentral dun have 🙁 den bought curry tapioca instead. LOL i think singapore tapioca like nicer sial HAHA. reached home around 1+ tiring lor. we ran after train also. because left 6mins. wtf DAMN FUNNY LIKE I KENNA CHASE LIKE THAT. got rapist AHHHH hahha! lame. one thing for sure if im going back which would most probably happen, i will take the town bus and not taxi. and i will try the chicken lice and i wanna take the wheel thing. GRRRRR. anybody wanna go with me?

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