hub, chang beer tee from phuket. cleaning his bottle at his house downstairs
me, the gimmo xiao mei.


those greens, feel like jumping inside. LOL
isit the view from d canopy walk?
and this is me
the boyfriend
pavilion and my hub
bake pasta waiting to unleash
penne with cheese, mussels and prawns, how tasty! save hard for you cafe!
saga seeds picked up on the way with the company of flies, sucking our blood.
shoot, what is this i forgot, btw that is not hub from far. haha. heading to henderson waves
look at my eyes, trying hard not to tear cos of my fringe prickling, helping pokka to advertise. HAHA.
<3 grins
aoba ramen is the killer, but first – santouka! fyi, i didnt eat only salad, was waiting for my DON

living like this is superb, i like to walk places that ive never been to before, it helps to brain wash my worries away. love hub for baking d pasta and preparing everything although we forgot the insect repellent. sunplay was brought along, covered me all the while, but still i become darken. >< it was a fruitful day ending with a nice and satisfying dinner, most imptantly again, it’s with him.