[Travel] Thailand – Phuket

the first night we stayed in, lubsbuy hotel
i didnt know there was a balcony until d’ next day
me in the bathtub, this is a total new design to me
so sweet of them to provide beach bag and towels
hello! imma @ starbucks
our dinner at MR.GOOD’S SEAFOOD, green curry, pineapple rice, fried egg and vegetable (look like luo han zai)
wah look at my shag face! LOL
LOL need to censored.
lunch after suntan, tomyam soup with thin noodles, payaya salad, beef noodles.
pancake with chocolate.
look at those dancers, i think i can dance better. LOL
i did not wear shorts underneath
trying my purchase with a bird look
cute bag yea~
last dinner at breakpoint hotel, pat thai with seafood, asparagus with prawns, fried omelette with beef. damn yums but oily
naraya but no bags -_-
our last photo, and also waiting for our plane. AND WITH THE EPIC FAIL CHINA WOMAN BACK VIEW. LOL!

grrr, i need to type again, ok here i g
we took a cab from airport to lubsbuy hotel at phuket town, jack the epic fail but friendly driver told us that the fare will be 500baht, so we went ahead and took his honda! they drive honda as cab okay LOL! so when we reached, as be got no change, he handed him a 1000note, he smiled at us sneakily without giving us our change. So bebe asked him for change and he said its 500 for each person, im like huh? and be was stunned for sure. and it was lucky that he decided to collect 500 from us instead but he claimed he got only 400change and so be paid him 600baht. then we check in our hotel, did not bathe, but face was cleaned and ko’ed. LOL! okay this was dirty enough..

the next morning we did not take breakfast, we had a hard time searching for the bus terminal, with all the wrong directions, detour, and it rained! we’ve got no choice but to take tuktuk to central festival and seems like there’s nothing there -_- we did not call jack as he said that he will be able to drive us to patong, instead we took another cab and i forgot what’s the price already to our rayaburi hotel! which is like 5-10mins walk to the beach. i think its really rainy season as it rained every day but its a short one..

the design at rayaburi is really special, cos there’s no door for the bathroom LOL! only curtain, be thought there was balcony but pathetically there isnt, still we were very happy with the hotel, very cosy. πŸ™‚ we had lunch @ sizzler, ahha totally random, so sexcited as there’s salad bar, alot of veggies and feel so full after the sausage and chicken main course, bebe had steak and sausage, so yummy! come to think of it, did i have sizzler at central festival or jungceylon? LOL! -_- i think we had lunch before going rayaburi, omg, bad memory.. dinner was at MR.GOOD’s, be wanted to have pasta again and obvious i say no. haha we are at thailand, supposed to eat thai food. LOL! so we went to mr good seafood restaurant, have pineapple rice, its my first time try you know if im not wrong, oily fried egg but yummy and green curry, nice! walked abit and head back to our hotel, time for jacuzzi! initially bebe dont want because he got no more spare shorts, but still he go with me πŸ˜› so nice the jacuzzi although very sandy inside -_- how i wish there’s pool, next time i gonna book rayaburi beach resort LOL!

suntanning day was hilarious, i did not get tan not even burnt nor dark. haha. i think the weather is really on my side, bebe cannot go down to the sea with me because of our stuffs, especially his camera and the bag, if i lose it i need to pay 1500 baht, -_- i went down alone, so scary, the 2nd time i go and was being devoured by the waves, salt was in my nose and i swallowed sea water damned -_- bebe was really afraid of water, so fail, the water didnt even touch his knees LOL, ok i rephrase, covered i shd say.. then we went to have our lunch at one thai restaurant, the food was nice, especially the beef noodles and the payaya salad, but alot of houseflies GRRR! and spotted bug’s legs in the veggies. LOL! thisday, i walked around bottomless, with one tanktop and bikini LOL! i felt damn bloated after our lunch, indigestion πŸ™ and we didnt eat dinner, oops be had mac. HAHA wth.. had pancakes which was surprisingly nice with the combi of choco and eggs. but the crepe failed terribly never am i going to try that again LOR! maybe mango and chocolate will be nice, well who knows.. -.-

walked around blanga road, saw alot of ahguas. LOL! my arms bua one ahgua arm and i feel so haha! alot of angmohs, they are king over there! LOL. the last day we walked around with heavy bags and it was really shag. lol my bag wasnt heavy but my feet. HAHA. slippers = no go. had shelly icecream, mine was chocolate brownie and be’s one was rum and raisin, his icecream taste really bad. LOL! so fake the taste. mine was nice, i wanted more and we went inside shopping mall and bought dairy queen’s icecream. chocolate extreme, too sweet -_- hell sinful LOL! had dinner at breakpoint hotel and thai food again, pat thai is not special at all sad to say, btw we had lunch at one western restaurant again haha. pathetic main course, thanks to salad bar again. around 8plus we called bao and he came and fetch us to the airport at 9pm. home sweet home πŸ™ i wanna go back, next time shall go there with friends, i wanna go st john and phiphi island!!!

this trip was a blast, the happiest trip ever, never so carefree and relax before.. but the moment i reached singapore, need to face reality, back to healthy lifestyle, school, work, money and everything. sighs. what to do, this is life. been eating alot this few days, gain weight zzz.. a new experience totally, the first time taking plane, at the age of 20, ><, the first time going to a beach with bikini, the first time bebe and me shared views about girls. HAHA! i like! although i will jealous at times πŸ˜› : πŸ˜›

so emo sial really, back to singapore, priority is jian fei again.

oops, sorry did not take picture of the toilet, but its the same as singapore, just that dont throw the toilet paper in the bowl LOL!