[S-series] Autumn in Osaka-Kyoto-Nara, Japan Day 8: Last day! Osaka to Minoo Park.

Hi people,

This shall be the last post of this Autumn in Japan series. Its really sad for me even though we’ve long since been back home in sunny humid sweaty Singapore. Writing about the times past allows me to sort of drown myself in nostalgia. Not that being at home is sad, just that when you were out there, you feel free, detached from your earthly issues and well, for lack of a better word, unleashed.

Anyways, back to the real topic of this post.

Minoo Park

Yes, the usual morning ritual, got up > checked out > left our luggages at hotel > Travelled to Minoo Park. We were staying at Tennoji at the time so we took the Midosuji subway line to Umeda Station where we changed to the Takarazuka Line to Ishibashi station. At Ishibashi, we changed again to the Minoo Line where we travel to, well, Minoo city.

From the station, you will be able to see signages telling you which way to go to Minoo Park. It’s quite a long walk that took us a few hours to and fro the area.

Along the road to the park, the shops lining the streets will almost all be frying maple leaves and selling them between 100 to 500 yen depending on the size of the pack. I bought from 2 of the stores and they both taste like oil and batter. Nothing special about the leaves. Therefore I concluded fried maple leaf is a gimmick! Tourist trap!


But anyways, I quite like the small town vibe of Minoo City.

Minoo Park

Minoo Park is full of autumn vibe this time of the year. Its Mid November by the way.


I liked the park better if it were less crowded. There was also a part that was closed because of a landslide, I’m not sure if its been cleared already by now. But there were a few pockets of calmness if you step off the main trail.

Peace, I love it, all the peace to ourselves. I’m selfish that way.

After our outing at the park, we went straight back to Tennoji to pick up our luggages and took the direct train to Kansai Airport where we bid Japan goodbye… for now.

Peace out,

-Simon Tey

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