[S-series] Autumn in Osaka-Kyoto-Nara, Japan Day 7: Fushimi Inari again before going to Osaka!

Hi Guys

This will be a short post, because this day is mostly us packing our bags to Osaka and settling into our new lodging.

Fushimi Inari Taisha

In the morning, we checked out of our awesome ryokan, deposit our luggages there before heading to Fushimi Inari Taisha again. Our main objective today will be just to take better photos of the Senbon Torii before picking up our luggages and head to Osaka. Sounds dumb, I know.


Nevertheless, we head there and it was raining, common enough in November. We just take them photos with an umbrella.


And then we left.


Back in Osaka

After several hours of train travels and dragging our luggages through the morning rush hour.

Alas, we settled in Tennoji and decided just to visit the nearby Shinsekai on foot.


Yodobashi at Umeda

Then I wanted to visit Yodobashi Camera even though Claire wasn’t keen at all. No choice, I’m her husband after all. LOL.


After which, we just wander around the district and call it a day.


We had our dinner at Wendy’s and ended our day early due to fatigue.

Next post would be our last day in Japan, very very sad indeed.

-Simon Tey

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